Amy Coney Barrett supporters turn the tables on anti-ACB protesters dressed as ‘Handmaids’

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Supporters of newly-minted Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett trolled Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer by mocking the costumed anti-ACB protesters as “Schumer’s handmaids.”

A distraught Schumer (D-New York) slammed the Barrett confirmation by saying “it will go down as one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate.”  Despite Chuck’s usual hysterics, Barrett was sworn in at the White House after the GOP-controlled Senate voted 52-48 to confirm her.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas tweeted: “People with Young America’s Foundation are trolling the anti-ACB handmaids at the Supreme Court by holding up signs that read “Schumer’s handmaids.”

Left-wing activists had dressed up as “handmaids” to suggest that appointing Barrett — a working mom of seven young children — was somehow a step back for the women’s movement.

Keep in mind that liberals have historically championed working moms and looked down on “housewives” who stay home to care for their children.

Now, because a conservative woman has been elevated to the United States Supreme Court, she’s somehow a threat to women everywhere.

GOP spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington remarked: “Chuck Schumer thinks the first working mom to ever sit on the Supreme Court is one of our country’s “darkest days.”

Hours before her confirmation, pro-Amy Coney Barrett demonstrators had clashed outside the Supreme Court with left-wing activists.

But Justice Barrett’s supporters got the last laugh when she was officially sworn in to the highest court of the land by conservative Justice Clarence Thomas.

Shortly after Justice Barrett was sworn in, Democrats resorted to their usual tactic of making threats and emotionally blackmailing Americans.

During a speech on the floor of the Senate, Chuck Schumer warned: “”My colleagues may regret this for a lot longer than they think. The next time the American people give Democrats a majority in this chamber, you will have forfeited the right to tell us how to run that majority.”

The Democrats have never taken their marching orders from Republicans, so Schumer’s empty threat means it would be business as usual for the left.

An enraged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement blasting President Trump and the Senate by calling Barrett’s confirmation “an act of supreme desperation.”

Keep in mind that the Senate is required to vote on Supreme Court nominations made by a sitting president. And they did just that.

Pelosi then threatened to undo the Barrett confirmation, presumably by expanding the Supreme Court to make it another arm of the Democrat Party through court-packing.

“We must have a Congress that is prepared to remedy what the Supreme Court will do to undermine the health, financial security and well-being of American families,” she warned.

For the record, left-wing hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposed expanding the Supreme Court and warned that court-packing would undermine its autonomy.

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