Strange campaign strategy: New York Dem Rep cusses at voter, using F-word, in front of supermarket

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New York Democratic Rep. Max Rose rebuked a voter using strong language after being criticized while canvassing outside a small grocery store last week.

Rose, who is running against Republican state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis in one of the few swing districts in New York City, was seen during a WNBC news report telling a voter he was “f**ked out” of his mind.

The footage shows one man telling Rose, who tried to hand him a campaign flyer, “I don’t believe in your politics,” adding that Rose stands “with Black Lives Matter.”

Rose, a former U.S. Army officer and veteran who served in Afghanistan and is currently a member of the New York Army National Guard, responded, “You got me. You caught me.”

In the next clip, a man with a trolley is seen walking past Rose and shouting, “I hope your political career ends,” as Rose fired back, “Bro, I thought you were f**ked out of your mind, so don’t worry.”

The man responded, “I am out of my mind!”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) addressed the exchange on Twitter, criticizing Rose’s response.

“Strange campaign strategy. Democrat Max Rose was just caught on tape cussing out voters in front of a grocery store,” he wrote.

Rose then responded, “Earmuffs!”

WNBC reported that the battle between Rose and Malliotakis has been acerbic, with both sides leveling charges against each other in an increasingly vitriolic campaign.

Malliotakis has accused Rose of supporting the defunding of police, which is a BLM-driven narrative. In June, Rose was seen at a rally featuring Black Lives Matter protesters who shouted, “Defund the Police”; Rose’s district is home to a lot of NYPD officers, WNBC said.

“Group is chanting, ‘Defund the police,’ and Max continues to stay. If I showed up at that rally and I saw those signs, I woulda left,” Malliotakis told the station.

In a follow-up interview segment, Rose told the station, “Not only have I never voted to defund the police, every step of the way I have voted to increase funding for law enforcement, at this point by over $2 billion.”

He also said he was only at the demonstration to “acknowledge the pain of some young people in the district,” WNBC reporter Melissa Russo added, “but he’s careful not to praise” BLM.

“I would not participate, but it doesn’t mean I can’t support ending racism in our country,” Malliotakis told the station.

Russo’s report noted that President Donald Trump “looms large” in the Staten Island/South Brooklyn region that Rose, who is in his freshman term, represents, adding that Malliotakis is backed by the president and the local police union.

She added that Rose is considered by many political analysts to be “the third-most vulnerable” Democrat in the House this year, unlike in 2018 when President Trump wasn’t on the ballot.

Rose dismissed that view.

“They said I couldn’t win last time, alright, and we kicked their a**,” he told Russo.

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