Lawyer responds to Ivanka-Kushner demand letter to remove dishonest Times Square billboards

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For those who have been following the efforts of the Trump-hating Lincoln Project, the juvenile mindset behind the dishonest campaign cannot be missed.

Turns out, the attorney representing the well-financed political action committee run by alleged Republicans seems to share this adolescent mindset, as seen in a response to a demand letter from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump calling for the removal of two Times Square billboards.


“Please peddle your scare tactics elsewhere,” attorney Matthew Sanderson said in a letter to Marc Kasowitz, the New York attorney who penned the demand letter. “The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such empty bluster.”

The billboards exploit the coronavirus death toll to attack Kushner and his wife, who serve as advisors to the president — the nonsensical ads appear to be little more than sticking a thumb in their eye for the mere sake of it.

The online word is that the grifters behind the Lincoln Project, who have reportedly shared content that U.S. intelligence officials later labeled as Iranian disinformation, profit handsomely for the billboards even if they have little electoral value.

Kasowitz’s demand letter stated that the billboard content was untrue.

“Of course, Mr. Kushner never made any such statement, Ms. Trump never made any such gesture, and the Lincoln Project’s representations that the did are an outrageous and shameful libel,” he wrote. “If these billboard ads are not immediately removed, we will sue you for what will doubtless be enormous compensatory and punitive damages.”

Sanderson’s response was chock full of childish insults and attacks.

“Your clients are no longer Upper East Side socialites, able to sue at the slightest offense to their personal sensitivities,” the Lincoln Project lawyer countered. “Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump are public officials.”

Sanderson goes on to slam their appointments as a “gross act of nepotism.”

If that wasn’t enough to dissuade readers from taking the lawyer seriously, in falling back on the right to free speech, he goes on to take a cheap shot at President Trump, suggesting he’ll lose the upcoming election.

“Fortunately, substantial constitutional protections are afforded to those who speak out about public officials,” he wrote. “The Lincoln Project plans to avail itself of these constitutional protections to duly criticize Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump until they cease to be public officials, at approximately Noon Eastern Standard Time on January 20, 2021.”

“These billboards are not causing Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump’s standing with the public to plummet,” Sanderson concluded. “Their incompetence is.”

This was followed by a warning of more to come — a common tactic by the PAC to keep gullible followers engaged.

“This isn’t over. Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump will hear more from The Lincoln Project soon,” he said.

The PAC also shared a statement online, and while it may seem to expose how deeply they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, keep in mind one or two reportedly could be on Team Trump today had hiring decisions gone a different way. They may be laughing all the way to the bank, but it’s not because of their convictions.

“The billboards will stay up,” the group said. “We consider it important that in Times Square, the crossroads of the world, people are continuously reminded of the cruelty, audacity and staggering lack of empathy the Trumps and the Kushners have displayed towards the American people.”

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