Jesse Watters: ‘Trump’s closing hard!’

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Fox News host Jesse Watters opened his Saturday evening show predicting that President Donald Trump will win reelection if he maintains momentum he’s gained over the past couple of weeks heading into the election day home stretch.

“Trump’s closing hard,” the “Watters’ World” host began, ahead of a rally — Trump’s third of the day — in Wisconsin.

Watters went on to note that the president has had a good week, including well-attended rallies, the successful hearings involving his latest Supreme Court pick Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a good debate performance against Democratic rival Joe Biden, and the emergency of a massive corruption scandal involving Biden and his family.

“I said that if Trump rode this wave, he’d have the momentum to win,” Watters said. “And after this last week, he still has it.”



He went on to point out that the president gave a dozen speeches in 10 swing states over the past week compared to just four Biden gave in three states — one of them his home state of Delaware, and none of which were very well attended.

Trump, by comparison, regularly draws thousands of people to his rallies and is well-received in cities where he appears.

“Biden’s fading and the more the media tries to drag him across the finish line, the worse they look,” Watters continued, hammering CBS News veteran journalist Leslie Stahl for “embarrassing herself” in a fact-challenged interview with Trump.

Referencing an unedited version of the interview with Stahl that the president released. Watters noted that Trump has “cornered the media” over its bias against him and most establishment outlets’ refusal to cover the burgeoning corruption scandals involving the Biden family.

“If the media reports on the Biden family scandal they’ll destroy their candidate,” Watters said. “But if they don’t report on the scandal, they’ll destroy their credibility.

“And guess what’s happening? The media is sacrificing their credibility just to elect their candidate,” Watters continued, noting that if Biden loses the outlets that refused to cover the scandal, despite convincing evidence that hasn’t been specifically refuted by the former vice president, will have destroyed their believability for nothing.

Watters went on to highlight aspects of the scandal, including showing clips of a Thursday press conference by former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, who corroborated key aspects of a New York Post exclusive last week based on evidence garnered from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden.

As for the president’s momentum, Watters noted further that Trump mentioned the scandal at the last debate with Biden, in which he brought up various aspects of the allegations including possible profiteering from foreign governments and entities.

The Fox News host said the scandal involving emails and other incriminating materials found on the Hunter Biden laptop such as emails could be easily refuted but media outlets won’t even ask the elder Biden whether or not they’re genuine.

“Either way he answers it, he digs himself deeper,” Watters said of Biden. “And Trump’s getting traction on it. And Biden’s on defense.”

During the debate, Watters noted further, Biden also “sunk himself” when he said he would oversee the demise of the oil and gas industry, which the Biden-Harris campaign has been attempting to walk back ever since.

“That debate had a very big impact,” Watters opined, noting that most polls and focus groups gave the nod to the president afterward.

“We’re in the home stretch with … a week to go, basically. The mail-in ballots and early voting look great for the president. The battlegrounds are tight, he’s right where he wants to be,” Watters continued.

“If the next week is as good as the last two, he’s got this.”

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