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Six disturbing tweets from Ilhan Omar’s raging campaign chair

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The campaign chair for U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar came under fire for a shocking profanity-filled tweet slamming “this whole racist a– capitalist system.”

David Gilbert-Pederson’s eyebrow-raising tweet on Wednesday seemed to be the latest of many from the campaign chair for the Minnesota Democrat. The activist who reportedly played an important part in Omar’s decision to run for office has a history of disturbing commentary on social media where his Twitter bio reads: “Radical Labor & Political Organizer.”

Gilbert-Pederson unloaded in a Twitter rant against President Donald Trump, the Minneapolis Police Department, president of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation, Bob Kroll, and ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Chauvin, who was charged in the death of George Floyd back in May, posted bond on $1 million bail Wednesday and was released, sparking a wave of new protests. It was not clear if the latest development was what triggered the tweet by Gilbert-Pederson.

**WARNING: Language **

The tweet had followed another angry post following Chauvin’s release.

The far-left organizer, who served as Omar’s campaign manager when she ran for Congress in 2018, has called for defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Reforms don’t work. The system is not broken. It was intentionally built not to work,” he said in an interview.

According to The Washington Post:

Gilbert-Pederson, who is Filipino, was adopted by two white Minneapolis librarians. He dropped out of high school and still didn’t have a driver’s license when he signed on as Omar’s campaign chairman in late 2015. But he had been active in politics, protest movements and organizing since before he could vote.


“This is serious as f–k,” he tweeted last week.

“The political elite, the ruling class, and the foundations won’t save us. The masses will be left to our own devices to survive,” he added. “Defend the class, whatever it takes!”

He has repeatedly slammed law enforcement.

His profanity-filled tweet this week sparked outrage on Twitter where many blasted the Omar campaign chair.

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