AG subpoenas Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ flight logs ‘sparking panic among wealthy friends’

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The attorney general for the U.S. Virgin Islands has issued a subpoena for several years’ worth of flight logs involving convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in an action that is causing a great deal of concern “among wealthy friends” of the late billionaire financier.

As part of a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Denise George, the subpoena covers flight logs for his three planes, including the infamous “Lolita Express,” as well as four helicopters used to ferry guests to his Virgin Islands home.

The logs indicate who traveled aboard each of the aircraft and when. George’s suit seeks flight logs from 1998 through to Epstein’s death last year.

The lawsuit against Epstein’s estate as well as the subpoena come as part of an ongoing investigation into potential sex crimes alleged to have taken place in the home of Epstein, who killed himself while locked up in New York a little more than a year ago.

The suit alleges 22 counts that including aggravated rape, human trafficking, child abuse, forced labor, prostitution, and neglect, The Mirror reported.

In addition, George wants to see if there are “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct” that any of the pilots who flew for Epstein may have made. She wants to know the names and details of anyone who worked for the pilots and who interacted with Epstein and his passengers, as well as who traveled with him.

Epstein’s long-time muse and one-time mistress, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested earlier this summer and charged with various sex trafficking charges involving minors.

Some familiar names have already been reported. David Rodgers, one of Epstein’s pilots, revealed logs from 2009 showing that Britain’s Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, and actor Kevin Spacey and model Naomi Campbell had accompanied Epstein aboard his plane. However, there are no indications any of them engaged in any wrongdoing.

According to a source who spoke to The Mirror, “The records that have been subpoenaed will make the ones Rodgers provided look like a Post-It note.

“There is panic among many of the rich and famous,” the source continued.

Lawyers for victims of Epstein insist that the 2009 flight logs didn’t include any flights by his chief pilot, Larry Visoski, who flew for the billionaire for a quarter-century.

The outlet noted further that Maxwell, 58, often piloted one of Epstein’s helicopters shuttling guests back and forth to his estate.

The subpoena and suit also come after Adam Perry Lang, 51, a celebrity chef, was questioned by police recently, two decades after he worked for the convicted pedophile, which has renewed calls for Prince Andrew to speak to the FBI about Epstein.

Lang, who worked for Epstein between 1999-2003, is said to be “fully cooperating” with the FBI, The Mirror reported separately.

“We certainly hope that this may inspire other witnesses to come forward and help shed some light on Epstein’s dark scheme,” Lang’s attorney, Arick Fudali, told The Mirror.

He reportedly accompanied Prince Andrew on two flights — one in February 1999 and one in May 2000.

“The gloves are firmly off. Perry Lang holds information on what took place,” a source told the outlet. “They will get as much detail as possible that will help shape any interview they may one day have with [Andrew].”

The Mirror said that Lang volunteered to cooperate after he was allegedly contacted by Virginia Giuffre, 37, who says Epstein and Maxwell forced her to have sex with Andrew on three occasions, make a personal appeal to him, writing, “Please don’t be an enabler. Be a hero to me.”

Earlier this year, George said her office was looking into several unexplained translations by a small bank set up on the U.S. Virgin Islands by Epstein involving tens of millions of dollars shortly before and after his death.

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