Victor Davis Hanson charges Biden’s ‘being held hostage’ by Democrat Party and its base

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson made a stellar observation Monday that 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden is being held hostage by his own party.

Appearing on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Hanson charged that Biden is not allowed to speak freely on his own terms.


Host Laura Ingraham set up the segment by pointing out the Democrat Party’s plan to defeat President Trump is to “dish out as much punishment before the November election, try to stop any economic recovery and frighten people to somehow voting for Joe Biden.”

“He’s holding the country hostage, but in a strange way he’s being held hostage,” Hanson replied.

Citing the remote Zoom meetings that Biden favors, he likened the “screen image we see” to “The Wizard of Oz.”

“It’s a false illusion. There’s somebody manipulating it,” Hanson said.

“We get glimpses of that every once in a while when he says bring the teleprompter closer, or the reflection shows that there’s a teleprompter that we’re not seeing or his campaign director cannot deny that he’s using,” he added.

Hanson said the Biden campaign has made “a calculated decision that the risk of running a virtual campaign is not as great as letting [Biden] be out and be a regular candidate, which he can say anything any time that might risk the entire campaign.”

He noted that Biden is also held hostage by elements of his base who prevent him from speaking out against the anti-police sentiment in this country, or show support for fracking, or praise Trump’s recent breakthroughs in the Middle East.

“What does he do in that void? He does two things … he campaigns on the idea that the chaos will magically disappear, the anarchy, the looting when I’m president, the recession, the quarantine, the lockdown,” Hanson said. “He may be right about that because I think a lot of the agents of that chaos and anarchy are subordinate.”

Ingraham disagreed, saying that caving to the radical elements “gives them more running room.”

Switching gears, she focused on Biden accusing President Trump of being a “climate arsonist,” to ask if the Democrat rolled out any solutions to prevent wildfires, or “the people that are intentionally setting them in California, including Antifa?”

“No, he didn’t. I’m looking out of my window right now. I can hardly see anything because it’s dust. Looks like a nuclear winter,” her California-based guest replied.

Hanson also noted the refusal of state and federal government to clean up forests is contributing to the problem, saying there are 65 million dead trees left standing.

“I’ve never seen people this angry at the state and federal government’s dereliction of duty not to protect their lives and property because of these flames,” he observed. “For Biden to demagogue it as climate change is absurd.”

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