Herschel Walker calls out Joe Biden for only giving part of Kenosha story, playing on voter’s emotions

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Former NFL great Herschel Walker ripped Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for giving a one-sided version of events regarding the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha last month, accusing the former VP of trying to stoke emotions instead.

“No one ever deserves to die or be shot! @JoeBiden, you speak of @POTUS separating, did you not think about visiting the person that called 911 or the police in WI? There are always two sides to the story. OH I see…you want people emotional at the voting booth!” Walker tweeted Thursday.

Walker’s tweet appears to be in response to a campaign-style talk in a nearly-empty Grace Lutheran Church in which he discussed the shooting, as well as other elements of his platform, such as tax reform, criminal justice reform, improving policing and economic inequality.

The long-serving Delaware senator, who has been accused of sexually assaulting a senate aide, Tara Reade, in the early 1990s, visited the eastern Wisconsin city on Thursday after President Donald Trump visited the city earlier in the week.

At one point, Biden described a phone call he had with Blake, who is still in the hospital recovering from several gunshot wounds and is reportedly paralyzed.

“I just spent an hour or more with the family as I got off the airplane,” Biden said. “I had an opportunity to spend some time with Jacob on the phone. He’s out of ICU.”

Biden said he and Blake spoke “for about 15 minutes,” adding that his family was also on the call.

“He talked about how nothing was going to defeat him,” Biden said of Blake. “How, whether he walked again or not, he was not gonna give up.”

“Fear doesn’t solve problems,” Biden continued in the clip. “Only hope does. If you give up hope, you might as well surrender.”

Earlier, Biden actually said he would lay out more of his tax policy but he couldn’t because “they’ll shoot me” if he did.

“I can’t say if tomorrow God made me president, I can’t guarantee you everything gets solved in four years,” Biden also said. But “it would be a whole better, we’d get a whole lot further down the road” if he wins.

“There’s certain things worth losing over,” he concluded, “and this is something worth losing over if you have to — but we’re not going to lose.”

Viral video showed Blake, who was wanted on several charges, being shot several times in the back by Officer Rusten Sheskey, who may have been trying to stop the suspect from getting to a weapon after he wrestled through being tased.

Secondary video showed Blake fighting with officers before freeing himself and walking around the front of his vehicle and opening the driver door.

He also told investigators he had a knife in his possession when he was shot. Reports said the knife was located on the floorboard of the vehicle he was driving, a finding that undercuts the corporate media narrative that he was unarmed at the time.

During his visit, President Trump pushed his “law-and-order” message and vowed to help local businesses that were burned and looted rebuild.

As for Walker, he criticized Biden and his party last month for making racially charged statements.

“Wow Democratic Convention, you’re playing the race card way too much tonight! You all have been in office for years and have done nothing for African Americans. Every four years you do this for a vote. And the violence and death in our communities, yet you say nothing?” he tweeted.

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