Political warfare: firefights, battles, and wars

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According to David Horowitz in his “The Art of Political War”, politics is war by other means. In political warfare, you do not fight just to prevail in an argument, but to destroy the opposition’s ability to fight.

Politics is a war of position in which, as in any war, there are two sides: friends and enemies.  The political task is to define yourself as the friend of as large a constituency as possible, while defining the opponent as the enemy. In political warfare, the aggressor usually prevails, but aggressive strategies must be done carefully. Or they can backfire.

In war-college military science and tactics classes, it is taught that there are firefights, battles and wars. The strategies and tactics must be different for each one.

A firefight is usually a brief, hostile, intense exchange of fire between opposing forces, confined in scope. Our militiamen used this to great advantage during the Revolutionary War.

A battle is an extended contest, generally fought on a larger scale, an encounter between larger groups of combatants.

A war is a protracted period of strategic conflict, usually between very large groups on a very large scale, sometimes global or nation-wide, and sometimes lasting for decades.

In the current, ongoing violence, destruction and death in our cities, the leftists try to downplay the destruction by calling the fights “peaceful protests”. But they are far more than that. They’re wars. They are so “peaceful” that 14 police personnel have died, and about 3,000 injured. The fighting pits decent and law-abiding Americans on one side, against wholesale destroyers of the American Way of Life, haters of the Rule of Law, and enemies of an ordered society.

The outcome of this war is in doubt. The real enemies in this war are George Soros the communist financier of violent groups, the thugs, the anarchists, antifa, and the firebombing leftists and looters. All of them use violent and subversive actions to achieve their ends. Operating under the guise of peaceful protesters, these are the people who want to radically change America into a socialist or communist state, where autocratic government czars make all the decisions to direct citizens’ private lives and the operation of American businesses. These are the people who don’t care whether they harm others, burn down job-creating businesses or destroy local economies to achieve their goals.

These are the haters who loathe independent businesses, industry and capitalism, whose political beliefs usually embrace socialism or anarchism, and government above family. These are the people who condone and incite civil disobedience, and who engage in or excuse violence, illegal behavior and actions. Some of these people are professional protestors who get paid for what they do from city to city, by shadowy political groups run by folks like Soros. They will commit almost any heinous act for attention. And, aided by the liberal media, they have gained political strength in this country. Most Democrats refuse to condemn them. Typically, they riot in Democrat-controlled cities, where they have little to fear from law enforcement or prosecution.

This law-breaking mob needs to be stamped out because their political star is rising, encouraged by leftists on both the local and national stage.  Without question, it is their purpose to shut down normal operations in this country. These people have prepared for a long-term war, and responsible citizens and businesses must prepare to oppose them. To overwhelm them. If we don’t, they won’t stop, and we will be facing never-ending “battles” and “firefights” around every turn, in the years to come. If it’s war they foist on us, right-thinking people cannot shrink from the fight: It’s war we should give them. They will pay a price for what they sow.

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John R. Smith


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