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Elizabeth Warren’s DNC appearance peppered with ‘surprise’ and subtle messaging

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren may have been addressing the challenges facing childcare in the U.S. during her DNC speech, but there was another message that was getting plenty of attention.

As the Massachusetts Democrat and former 2020 presidential candidate spoke during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, eagle-eyed viewers noticed a not-so-subtle plug paying tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

(Source: CNN)

In a virtual speech delivered from a classroom in the Early Childhood Education Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, Warren pushed the idea of universal preschool and the need for childcare for working parents, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Childcare was already hard to find before the pandemic. And now, parents are stuck — no idea when schools can safely reopen and even fewer childcare options,” Warren said.

But as the camera focused on the Democrat speaking, colorful letters spelling “BLM” were seen set up on the shelves over her shoulder.

“We all need to be in the fight to get Joe and Kamala elected. And after November, we all need to stay in the fight to get big things done,” Warren said during her speech which came just ahead of Sen. Kamala Harris’s official acceptance of the Democratic nomination for vice president.

“We stay in the fight so that when our children and our grandchildren ask what we did during this dark chapter in our nation’s history. We will be able to look them squarely in the eye and say, we organized, we persisted, we changed America,” she said.

Naturally, the liberal media swooned over Warren’s nod to the leftist “BLM” movement.

CNN’s Angela Rye actually called it “Woke Sesame Street,” laughing at her slip of the tongue when she explained how “B-L-M was nicely placed in the black — background.” MSNBC’s Joy Reid declared the foam letters “gave me a little bit of life,” as she credited Rachel Maddow for first noticing them.

Even at Fox News the letters were noted, as anchor Bret Baier got a laugh out of Chris Wallace when he said it was “signaling — well, whatever,” offering a long pause between his words.

Other media outlets also caught on.

Twitter users celebrated the move.

Messaging was apparently a part pf the plan as the classroom appeared to be peppered with subtle images that were meant to score political points. An advance photo of the speech showed another acronym spelled out “DBFH” behind Warren as she sat holding a children’s book. The letters apparently stood for Warren’s “Dream Big, Fight Hard” message.

There were plenty of other not-so-hidden pieces of propaganda in the classroom:

While liberals loved the “BLM” messaging, other Twitter users panned the gesture.



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