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BLM marches through Seattle residential area, demand white people surrender their homes

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Seems Black Lives Matter activists could do with a copy of Dale Carnegie’s classic, “How to Win Friends & Influence People.”

The political movement thrives on civil disobedience, as activists are quick to block major thoroughfares to intentionally inconvenience commuters on their way to and from work, but the radical movement is now looking to go one better.

Now into the third month since the death of George Floyd, BLM protesters are still in the streets of Democrat-run cities like Seattle and Chicago — expect a sudden loss of interest the day after the November election. And it was in Seattle this week that the mob was demanding that white people give up their homes to black people.

Oh, and as they invade suburban America, BLM wants white people to open their wallets too, as seen in a video making the rounds.

“Give up your house. Give black people back their homes,” an organizer can be heard saying to a resident looking on from an apartment.

Pointing out that the person was living in what was once a black neighborhood, the activist accused them of “basically kicking black people out,” this being an apparent reference to gentrification

“What are you going to do about it? Open up your wallets!” the BLM activist added.

The concept of white people surrendering their homes to black people is not new, as seen after the Aug. 2017 Charlottesville, Va., rally, when Black Lives Matter organizer Chanelle Helm suggested as much on social media.

The Louisville, Kentucky resident posted:

“White [people] if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a Black or Brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty. … White [people] if you can afford to downsize give up the home you own to a Black or Brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty. … White [people], re-budget your monthly so you can donate to Black funds for land purchasing.”


While Snopes begrudgingly acknowledged that Helm stated as much, the liberal fact-checking site engaged in some impressive verbal gymnastics to say it was not so much a “demand” as it was a suggestion of “voluntary participation” to help level the playing field for those affected by structural racism.

Only in Seattle — or Portland — can the left top a call for white people to give up their homes, and they did just that.

As seen in a clip shared by conservative journalist Andy Ngo, BLM protesters boldly declared their purpose: “Who do we protect? Black criminals!”

Only in America, folks… here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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