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‘Let Her Speak’ campaign gains steam after candidate is frozen out of presidential debate

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Who’s running for president? If you answered incumbent President Donald Trump and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, you’re wrong.

There are actually two additional candidates running for the presidency, though Democrats across the country are desperately trying to keep this fact hidden.

One of these two candidates, Libertarian Party nominee Jo Jorgensen, is hellbent on convincing the Commission on Presidential Debates to allow her to participate in the highly anticipated 2020 debates.


And she’s not alone. Jorgensen is backed by the Harris County Libertarian Party, which has been promoting nationwide “Let Her Speak” rallies for August 8th, with the central rally occurring in downtown Houston.

“The group will decorate their cars, ‘go live’ on social media and drive through the Heights and Montrose areas in a bid to get Jorgensen to Cleveland on Sept. 29 for the next presidential debate,” the Houston Chronicle confirmed.

The “next presidential debate” will in fact be the first debate of the season.

“The idea is to have a socially distanced and peaceful protest in order to bring attention to the fact that the Libertarian Party candidate for president, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, is being ignored by the Commission on Presidential Debates,” one protest host, Elliot Scheirman, who’s reportedly running for office himself, said to the Chronicle.

A total of 107 “Let Her Speak” rallies were expected to occur on the 8th.

As of Saturday, August 8th, #LetHerSpeak was trending on Twitter as activists across the country were readying to participate.

Look and watch:

Do they actually have a case, though? Yes and no.

On one hand, the argument that Jorgensen made in the tweet up top — that Dems had 20+ people at their debate and the GOP had 10+ people at their 2016 debate — made no sense, because those were PRIMARY debates, not general election dates.

Plus, the Commission on Presidential Debates limits general election debate participation “to candidates that are polling at 15 percent or higher in at least five national polls,” according to the Chronicle, and Jorgensen doesn’t meet that requirement.

But according to the Harris County Libertarian Party, there’s a “catch.”

“Most of these polls do not even mention a third-party candidate… Voters are being left in the dark,” the party reportedly said in a press release.

And also targeted. Those voters who’d like to hear from Jorgensen are being targeted by rabid left-wing conspiracy theorists (the type that likely watch MSNBC and CNN) who’ve begun accusing them of being bots working for Russian President Vladimir Putin to help Trump in the upcoming election …

No joke.


It’s not clear on what planet these people reside …

Regardless, one Jorgensen supporter was quick to note the unsurprising hypocrisy of the left:

Vivek Saxena


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