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Hannity and McEnany: Media disdain is ‘badge of honor’, Trump circumventing biased press ‘drives them nuts’

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany agreed with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that President Trump really  “doesn’t need” the press.

McEnany spoke with the Fox News host on Monday about her own encounters with media outlets as they discussed an article in The New York Times about her strong handling of the press. Hannity questioned whether the press secretary could “totally bypass” the media while also arguing that, without Trump to attack, the media would be “out of business.”

(Source: Fox News)

“Congratulations that they don’t like you,” Hannity told McEnany, calling it a “badge of honor” that she was accused by the Times of having taken things “to a new level” in her short time on the job.

McEnany slammed the “egregious” reporting by the liberal newspapers and how they have not returned Pulitzer Prizes received for false Russia coverage and the “witch hunt against the president.”

“They were dead wrong but they don’t apologize,” she said.

Hannity noted how things have changed in the media and how, with millions of social media followers, Trump “doesn’t need” the press anymore to get his message across to the American people.

“Many in talk radio, I support the president’s policies openly. I don’t hide it and I’m proud of it, proud of his accomplishments,” Hannity said. “You don’t really have to talk to these people anymore. I don’t think the president needs to ever argue with them again. It’s a waste of time.”

“You’re exactly right, and that’s what drives them nuts, Sean,” McEnany responded.

She called out Democrats like Hillary Clinton for engaging in “basket of deplorable politics” while the media is busy “doing the work of the left.”

“It drives them nuts that this president worked around them, spoke directly to the American people, more than 200 million followers,” McEnany added.  “And that direct connection to the American people is what perturbs them and drives them to be even more insane in their coverage of this president.”

Hannity noted how the press secretary arrives prepared in White House briefings, toting her binder and notes when addressing reporters in what he saw as “checkmate moments.”

“They don’t like being called out. Isn’t that really the truth here?” he asked.

“They don’t like preparation. They don’t like that this administration has the facts on their side,” McEnany agreed, saying they come in “armed” when holding press briefings.

“When they come in with a question that’s designed to attack this president in an unfair manner, and then we come back with the facts and we show the American people the truth of the matter, it certainly drives them nuts,” she said. “But that’s the thing with this president, the facts are on his side. He has done great work for the American people who he cares deeply about.”

After noting some of the president’s notable accomplishments which the press likes to ignore, Hannity wondered again if Trump even needs the media.

“Can you now just totally bypass them and really not even have to talk to them — except, I mean, I guess it’s good that you go in there, you all have a nice chat every day, it gets entertaining,” he said.

“But I don’t think the president needs the media and I think that the minute he’s gone, they’re out of business,” he added.

“That’s exactly right!” McEnany agreed.

“If you look at his ratings of these coronavirus press briefings, the American people tune in because they want to hear from the president unfiltered,” she added. “He speaks directly to the American people at those 5:00 p.m. press briefings.”

Hannity concluded by praising the press secretary for the job she is doing.

“I don’t know how you do it. You’re not paid enough. I wouldn’t be able to do your job,” he said.

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