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‘Wrong!’ Trump rebukes Dr. Fauci after he blames COVID surge on not shutting down economy more

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday to set the record straight after Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested a surge in COVID-19 cases in the United States was due to a more limited shutdown of the economy.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appeared Friday before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis and testified on why the U.S. continues to see a surge in cases while much of Europe has seen a sharp decrease.

“He explained that most European countries shut their economy by 95%, while functionally the U.S. only shut its economy down by 50%. Fauci observed that some states followed CDC guidelines when they reopened, while others didn’t, and this has led to a surge in cases in many southern and western states,” CBS News reported.

“There are some states that did it very well, there are some states that did not,” the infectious disease expert said.

President Trump tweeted: “Wrong!”

In his reply, the president explained that the surge is in large part because the U.S. is doing more testing — 60 million — than other countries, before asking how European countries are doing.

“We have more cases because we have tested far more than any other country, 60,000,000. If we tested less, there would be less cases. How did Italy, France & Spain do? Now Europe sadly has flare ups. Most of our governors worked hard & smart. We will come back STRONG!” Trump added.

John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center confirms that the U.S. has conducted more COVID-19 tests than any other country.

Naturally, the New York Times has already placed a marker disputing the president’s claim that the growing case count is a result of increased testing — then again, liberal media outlets have the manipulation of statistics down to an art form.

The paper reported on July 22 that a worsening outbreak is the cause in an analysis that showed the rise in cases “far outpaces the growth in testing.”

“The average number of tests conducted nationwide has grown by 80 percent since early June, to 780,000 per day. Daily case counts have grown by 215 percent in the same period,” the Times reported.

Testing has been a double-edged sword for the administration.

With their eyes firmly affixed on November, Democrats and their media allies hit the White House early on for inadequate testing capabilities. As COVID-19 testing ramped up and cases grew, Trump was then slammed for his alleged inadequate handling of the pandemic.

While appearing before Congress on Friday, Fauci ran into a buzzsaw named Rep. Jim Jordan, as the Ohio Republican grilled him unmercifully on whether protests increase the spread of the virus.

Jordan noted that thousands of people have taken to the streets in support of Black Lives Matter political movement, pretty much with the blessing of Democrats, who are busy preventing people from attending church.

Try as he might though, the lawmaker could not compel Fauci to state that protests should be limited.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from social media users who are in agreement with Trump:

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