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Only in Florida – a half-naked man clings to hood of zooming semi-truck, driver hits the gas

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Only in Florida.

Perhaps it was the stress of a pandemic coupled with an approaching hurricane that proved to be more than one man could handle, as seen in a video making the rounds on social media.

In the clip, a half-naked man is clinging to the hood of a semi-truck as it traveled on Florida’s Turnpike near Boynton Beach, as the truck driver swerved back and forth in an attempt to shake him off.

(The tweet below erroneously identified the highway as I-95.)

The Florida Highway Patrol said it got a call that a driver traveling southbound on the highway began acting strangely and stopped the SUV on the southbound exit ramp to Boynton Beach, according to the Miami Herald.

The man, who was not identified, got out of the vehicle and started walking on the highway.

As strange as that may sound, the story then took an even more bizarre turn.

The man reportedly jumped over a concrete median barrier and began walking into oncoming northbound traffic.

“As cars started to slow, he jumped on top of the hood of a semi tractor-trailer that continued driving north with the man on top. The man started hitting the windshield of the semi-truck with his hands,” the Herald reported.

TMZ picked up the story from there, from the mouth of the semi-truck driver himself.

The truck driver told the celebrity news and gossip outlet that the man put himself on the hood of his rig on his own volition and started causing a ruckus for no reason.

More from TMZ:

The driver, Edward Hughes, tells TMZ … this dude hopped onto the interstate bloodied and frantic, waving for the truck to stop … which Hughes says he did. Once he did that, Hughes claims the guy latched onto his hood and started using a metal object on his windshield.

Hughes says he panicked and hit the gas, trying to shake the man off … as he was successfully breaking through the glass. Hughes got some shots of the damage, and it looks like this fella was hacking away during the mayhem, and broke through a bit too.


As seen in another video that looks like a scene out of a cheap Hollywood action flick, the man hanging on for dear life calls out to a motorist to call the police.

(Again, it was not I-95.)

Florida Highway patrol eventually pulled the truck over and detained the man who was taking the ride of a lifetime on the hood.

As seen in the clip below, the man was still clinging to the hood like a splattered love bug once the rig came to a stop.

FHP troopers can be seen having to pull him off and introduce him to terra firma.

According to the Herald, he was taken to Wellington Regional Hospital for further evaluation.

It’s not clear if any charges were filed against the troubled man or the truck driver, who now has a tale to tell at his favorite watering hole that’s sure to draw a crowd.

Tom Tillison


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