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Politico ‘reporter’ asks Kayleigh McEnany if Trump believes it’s ‘good’ South lost Civil War

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The liberal “gotcha” media covering the White House no longer bothers to hide their gamesmanship when it comes to trying to score points at President Donald Trump’s expense.

And while many of the questions thrown out during daily briefings are inane, it’d be hard to top Politico reporter Ryan Lizza and the fishing exposition he tried to embark upon on Monday.

The question he offered was so “absurd,” that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn’t bother to answer it — the president’s son, Eric Trump, shared the clip online:

“Does President Trump believe that it was a good thing that the South lost the Civil War?” Lizza asked, with a straight face.

“Well, your first question is absolutely absurd.  He’s proud of the United States of America,” McEnany replied, with a special emphasis on united.

The question is steeped in Democratic Party talking points that Trump is a racist and that his millions of supporters are all closet white supremacists.

With some polling earlier in the year suggesting that the president may have 30% or better support among African-American voters, which would prove to be catastrophic for Democrats, driving a racially-divisive narrative has never been more important for the left.

The resurgence of the Black Liver Matter movement could not have come at a better time, and this explains the media’s full embrace of their efforts.

As noted above, Lizza had two questions, the second involving the Confederate flag being equally as divisive.

The Politico reporter asked if the president planned to ban the Confederate flag at his rallies, after a now “woke” NASCAR opted to do so last month.

McEnany responded to the second question by commenting on statues and Trump’s respect for American history.

“Second, with regard to our statues, Americans oppose tearing down our statues,” she said. “There is a Harvard/Harris poll released just last week that shows 60 percent of respondents said the statue should remain, and 71 percent said local governments should block groups from physically destroying the statues. So he stands on the side of preserving our history.”

As transparent as Lizza was in his efforts, he will have to try harder if he wants to top the revolting query posed by April Ryan, DC bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks.

In Nov. 2017, she asked then-White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders: “Does this administration believe, does this president believe slavery was wrong?”

After shaking her head in utter disgust, Sanders shot back, “I think it is disgusting and absurd to suggest anyone inside this building would support slavery.”

A month later, ironically, Lizza would be fired by the New Yorker, after the magazine said he had engaged in what it called “improper sexual conduct.”

(He denied the claim.)

Needless to say, the reporter was eviscerated online… here’s a quick sampling of the responses from Twitter:



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