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Reporter gets assaulted by BLM crowd in front of line of cops in DC, until they yank her to safety

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A reporter accosted in the short-lived Black House Autonomous Zone in Washington appeared Tuesday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” to describe her experience.

Daily Caller media reporter Shelby Talcott, who has been reporting on the chaos seen in the streets all along, was inside the BHAZ area Monday night and suddenly found herself being targeted.

“For some reason, I was singled out,” Talcott explained. “I was actually with a few of my co-workers who were sort of around me making sure the situation wasn’t going to escalate, which it ultimately did.”

(Source: Fox News)

She explained that tensions were high, and she was trying to film a line of protesters with shields.

“I went to film that and they clearly didn’t want to be filmed, whatever they were going to do,” Talcott said.

Host Laura Ingraham noted how “gutsy” the reporter is, saying a lot of male reporters would find it “too scary.”

In a clip shared, the protesters are seen accusing Talcott of being an undercover cop, prompting Ingraham to ask if other reporters were accused of being law enforcement.

This is when the reporter said she was singled out.

“For whatever reason, I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know why, but they singled me out, decided that I was an undercover cop. I even showed some of them my bio and my stories to show them I’m clearly not.”

“They were still running with this narrative,” Talcott added, “And they wanted me out of the area.”

Here’s more video of Talcott being confronted:

Having been in the zone, Ingraham asked the reporter what the radicals want.

She replied that there are “groups of people who just become mobs and they attack and it’s not even clear what they want.”

“Ten minutes earlier, the same group of protesters were telling us that they wanted reporters there and they wanted people filming in case the cops did anything wrong,” Talcott observed. “Suddenly they change their mind.”

After the experience, she took to Twitter to comment on what occurred.

Talcott tweeted: “Tonight I was accused of being a cop and assaulted by protesters. I was pushed towards the police line where some officers grabbed me and pulled me to safety. I was handcuffed but not arrested, and they released me in a safe area.”

A video making the rounds showed that things could have turned out much worse for Talcott.

As seen below, an independent journalist is sucker-punched by someone in the crowd.

And the violent radicals in the street could not be more clear that it is hatred for the United States of America that is driving their actions, the hard-left stance having fully usurped any notions of racial justice.

As seen in the video below, police began clearing the area of the radical protesters Tuesday afternoon:



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