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American flag-carrying citizens forcefully ejected from CHAZ; mayor says ‘Seattle is fine,’ it’s just ‘democracy’

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As dismayed Americans watch the hard-left insanity playing out in the streets, they may find solace in the brave actions of two young people in response to the disaster known as Seattle, Washington.

In an early indication that a counter-revolution is coming, a young man and woman dared to enter the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — aka “CHAZ” — carrying American flags.

“CHAZ doesn’t exist,” the woman can be heard saying as she proudly marched along with Old Glory. “This is Seattle, Washington.”

Fittingly, there’s discontent in paradise over the name, with some elements wanting to call it CHOP — Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.


Remarkable, Democratic officials in the city have allowed armed anarchists, Antifa domestic terrorists and other revolutionaries to cordon off a six-block “no cop” area downtown and do as they please.

The flag-carrying pair would soon find themselves at the “border” of CHAZ.

Unfortunately, once inside things went about as expected — although, the courage the man and woman displayed was something to behold.

The mob set upon them, harassing and verbally abusing them, ultimately forcing the pair out as they go after the flags.

Seattle-based journalist Andy Ngo, who knows a thing or two about covering the violent Antifa movement, shared a video of what serves as an acceptable flag in the occupied territory.

“An anarchist communist flag used by antifa is posted near one of the ‘autonomous zone’ checkpoints in Seattle,” he tweeted.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has actually been running interference for the mob, calling their lawless actions “self-expression.”

Durkan said at a recent press conference, “Lawfully gathering and expressing First Amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society, and providing true equity for communities of color is not terrorism. It’s patriotism.”

The mayor has also been jousting online with President Donald Trump, who has been calling on officials to end the embarrassment and take back their city.

“Seattle is fine. Don’t be so afraid of democracy,” she tweeted Friday.

Ngo shared what Durkan’s take on “patriotism” and “democracy looks like in real-life applications.

Tom Tillison


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