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More MAGA boat parades popping up nationally. Anyone remember all those Obama boat parades?

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Hundreds of Trump supporters participated in a MAGA boat parade in Charleston, South Carolina to kick off the unofficial start of summer on Memorial Day.

Does anyone remember hundreds of boaters paying tribute to President Obama or any other president? We don’t either.

About 700 people initially signed up, but the event swelled to thousands once amused spectators joined in to admire the massive boat convoy.

South Carolina resident Frank Collins said he was amazed by how many boats he saw in Charleston Harbor and the enthusiastic crowd that had gathered to witness the event.

“We just came out to see how big it was going to be and were overwhelmed,” Collins told WCSC-TV. “This is huge!”

(Source: WCBD News)

In the morning, spots on boat ramps quickly filled up as eager Trump supporters lined up to participate in the maritime parade.

“I got here at 8:30 this morning, but the entire parking lot was already full of boat trailers,” Betsy Logan said.

The event went off without a hitch because the Charleston Police Department, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Department of Natural Resources made regular patrols to ensure public safety.

An aerial video of the MAGA flotilla captured the magnificent size and scope of the maritime parade.

Predictably, there’s always a stick in the mud to complain about people having fun. Keep in mind that all the parade participants stayed on their boats (which means they maintained social distancing of more than six feet).

Moreover, there’s almost zero chance of the coronavirus spreading outdoors, according to multiple researchers. But Debbie Downers always ignore science and bleat illogical, apocalyptic, left-wing talking points.

Take local Charleston activist William Hamilton. “My first thought is that it was remarkable that when Americans were dying at the rate of over 1,000 a day, and 40 million people are out of work that somebody thought it was appropriate to hold a big party,” Hamilton groused.

MAGA boat parades are becoming increasingly popular among Trump supporters as nationwide lockdowns and social-distancing rules prevent rallies.

The phenomenon appears to have started in March, after a group called “Boaters for Trump South Florida” held a pro-Trump rally on the Hillsboro Beach Intracoastal waterway.



The MAGA flotillas gained steam four weeks ago, after a Trump supporter in Florida was banned from flying a Trump flag on his dock by the management of the community where he lives.

Carlos Gavidia reacted by defiantly getting the name “TRUMP” plastered in capital letters on the side of his boat.  The President reacted by thanking Gavidia for his unwavering support.

A day afterward, hundreds of South Florida boaters convened on the Intracoastal Waterway to show their support for President Trump. He reacted by thanking the boaters.

“Thank you very much to our beautiful ‘boaters.’ I will never let you down!” Trump tweeted.


These MAGA boat parades underscore that Trump supporters remain firmly behind the President as the November election approaches.

Many cable-news pundits insist that the lack of MAGA rallies due to the lockdowns will hurt Trump’s chances for reelection because he won’t be able to mobilize his voters. Naturally, Trump supporters reacted by ingeniously moving their rallies to the seas.

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