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Woman protests masks by grocery shopping in this teeny-tiny string bikini made from surgical masks

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Photos of a woman supposedly protesting wearing a mask to grocery shop went viral on social media.

Though some Twitter users were confused about whether the unidentified woman was making a statement for or against orders to wear protective masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, others called out the unnecessary need to create a “sad performance art project.”

The woman was slammed on Twitter for wasting masks that just weeks ago were being reported as being in short supply.

Her apparent call for attention was also called out as many questioned the logic of the whole photo session.

But this woman was apparently not the first to use the face masks in a “creative” way.

Yulia Ushakova, a Russian influencer and fitness model, was slammed for her stunning lack of self-awareness when she posted a photo of herself back in March wearing desperately needed- medical supplies.

The latest photo of the woman wearing masks on her body set off many Twitter users who questioned the placement of the protective products.

Many just seemed to enjoy the background people and images in the photos.

Frieda Powers


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