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‘Get out! ‘Get the f**k out!’ Angry mob of shoppers accosts maskless woman in NYC grocery store

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A video capturing an angry mob setting upon a shopper who was in a grocery store without a mask is making the rounds online.

The store was identified online as a Staten Island Shoprite, and while that’s unclear, the fact that other shoppers are verbally attacking a woman without a mask is clear to see. The defiant appears to continue shopping in the 22-second clip.

“Get out! Get out!” a woman is heard shrieking, as the mob attempts to drive the lady from the store.

Another voice, from a male, can also be heard yelling, “Get the f*ck out!”

Left-leaning Newsweek reported that the woman was “asked to leave by a handful of grocery store customers in Staten Island, New York.”

Which is somewhat like saying Nazi Germany “asked” Jews to leave the country.

Newsweek added that the video “is part of a wave of social shaming” on social media sites, “aimed at people not wearing face masks in public places.”

On April 15, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order directing all New Yorkers to wear masks or face coverings while in public.

“Stopping the spread is everything,” Cuomo said at briefing. “How can you not wear a mask when you’re going to come close to a person?”

At the same time, New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio  called for grocery stores in the city to insist that customers wear masks while shopping.

“I’m asking every store to put up a sign that you’re required to wear a face covering. This is another one of the things we have to do to protect each other,” the mayor said at the time.

New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with over 360,000 confirmed cases and 23,285 deaths to date — New York City has had 197,000 cases, with 16,149 deaths.

The online reactions to the story shows more people praising the mob for its actions than those standing up for the woman, who feels she has the right to decide whether or not she will wear a mask.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter capturing all sides to the story:

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