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Canada park sign discouraging walks near trees sparks hilarity and longing for America

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Edge Of Wonder host Rob Counts tweeted an image of a strange sign encountered in the British Columbia city of Richmond.

“CANADA! Your reign of ridiculousness must end NOW!” Counts added, along with the image.

The sign reflected two figures walking in circles around a tree, with the universal ban sign over them.

It reads: “Love our trees and protect their roots, there’s a whole world under your feet. Please consider the tree’s health and refrain from walking around it repeatedly.”

As bizarre as it may sound, turns out it’s a real thing, according to one social media user:

Case in point:

Ironically, the City of Richmond was forced to apologize in February after chopping down more than 300 trees as part of a multi-million-dollar project to raise the city’s dikes, according to CTV News.

Residents like Arline Trividic complained the project’s plans were poorly executed, saying little information about the planned work was passed on to them.

“This is just heart-wrenching for everybody and everything that’s here,” Trividic said at the time.

As is often the case in strange stories like this, the online reaction IS the story, as seen in the responses below.

Social media users had some interesting responses, to include requests to be invaded by the United States!

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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