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‘The hell they are’! WaPo buried in American spirit after declaring ‘masks are here to stay’

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Eager to see Americans acquiesce to government control of our lives, the Washington Post declared that face masks “are here to stay and they’re quickly becoming a way to express ourselves.”

As you might surmise, Twitter-dom saw it somewhat differently.

“As the country moves toward reopening, masks are assuredly part of our future,” the Post said in a Style article published on Monday. “And in some ways, their evolution is the perfect encapsulation of how much life has changed in a blink of an eye — and how challenging, both intellectually and emotionally, it will be for us to go forward.”

Liz Bucar, a professor of religion at Northeastern University is quoted talking about the psychology behind wearing a mask.

“The question about face masks is how will they morally change us? To some extent the answer depends on our motivation for wearing them,” Bucar told the newspaper. “If you are wearing a mask to protect yourself from others, you are forming a habit of fear. Every time you put a mask on, every time you see someone else wearing one, you will reinforce this fear.

“But if you are wearing the mask to protect others, wearing it will create a feeling of connection to those in your community,” she added. “You’ll see others wearing masks as a sartorial sign that they are willing to sacrifice some freedom and comfort for the common good.”

Never mind that it wasn’t all that long ago that experts like Dr, Anthony Fauci were telling us there’s “no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

Readers are assured that “fashion always finds a way” though, as the article offers an analysis of fashionable masks.

New York designer Eugenia Kim is quoted saying if we have to wear them, “why not make the best of the situation?”

“They’re obviously functional, but I think they can be uplifting,” Kim declared.

Of course, the liberal paper didn’t overlook the racial aspect of masks.

“Some black men have expressed their fear of being mistaken for an assailant if they enter a store wearing a mask, particularly a homemade one,” the Post noted.

Celebrating the surrender to government dictates, the newspaper assures readers that collectively wearing masks can be an “expression of solidarity.”

“If masks become common, they can serve as a personal reminder of how one should behave in public. That’s the power of a particular form of attire. It connects us. It’s an expression of solidarity,” the article proclaims.

As for social media, the overwhelming backlash is somewhat encouraging given the doubts some have had about whether the real American spirit, steeped in freedom and forged in the fires of revolution, still existed.

If there’s a positive from the coronavirus pandemic that befell us, courteous of China, it may be that we have learned that it is alive and well.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

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