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Tucker Carlson fires back at ‘yappy little clown’, Dem congressman who accused him of ‘ignoring science’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson is skeptical of locking down the country in response to the coronavirus pandemic, as seen on Monday when he questioned the “scientific justification” behind a move designed to “flatten the curve.”

“Six weeks later, we’re happy to say that curve has been flattened,” Carlson observed. “But it’s likely not because of the lockdowns. The virus just isn’t nearly as deadly as we thought it was — all of us, including on this show. Everybody thought it was, but it turned out not to be.”

Predictably, this assessment drew the ire of Democrats who seem dead-set on keeping the U.S. economy shut down for as long as … well, at least until the November election.

Rep. Ted Lieu, the sanctimonious attention-seeking Democrat from California, seized on Carlson’s remarks to attack Fox News, citing the number of COVID-19 deaths.

The congressman tweeted: “The family members of the over 56,000 Americans who died from in less than two months would disagree with @TuckerCarlson. And the current case fatality rate in the US is over 5.6%. Simply unacceptable that @FoxNews keeps ignoring science and downplaying the virus.”

What the Democrat fails to mention is that the current death toll pales in comparison to initial projections that went as high as 2.2 million.

Lieu’s bigger problem is equivalent to picking a fight with someone who buys ink by a barrel, as the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” would have his rebuttal on Tuesday night.

Carlson began by explaining the coronavirus is more widespread than was initially thought, but that this has also driven down the death rate.

“This new science is welcome news,” he insisted. “Every elected official in America should be celebrating it but many are not.”


Bringing up an image of Lieu, Carlson noted that some “deeply resent” the good news.

He pointed out that Lieu’s district “has a stunningly low vaccination rate,” saying that voters there “are so distrustful of vaccine science that measles and whooping-cough have come back in force among children.”

“The deeper irony here is that Ted Lieu has no idea what he’s talking about,” Carlson said. “Lieu is a yappy little clown. He hasn’t spent 5 minutes learning anything about the current research of the pandemic.”

“With no trace of self-awareness, Ted Lieu used comically inaccurate numbers to attack us for quote ‘ignoring science,'” he added.

Carlson then pointed to the 5.6% fatality rate the Democrat cited.

“That is not true. It is not even close to true. It is absurd as a statistical matter,” the Fox News host said. “If Ted Lieu actually believes the death rate in this country from coronavirus is 5.6 percent, he’s even slower than he seems and that’s saying a lot.”

“More likely, he knows but is just lying,” Carlson concluded.

He shared with his viewers that Lieu was invited to come on the show to discuss the matter on air, before adding that “he wouldn’t come, of course, he’s afraid.”

Tom Tillison


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