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Dan Crenshaw: The Left is ‘completely and utterly obsessed’ with blaming Trump for Coronavirus

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U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw called out the left for being “completely and utterly obsessed” with blaming President Donald Trump and not China for the coronavirus pandemic.

The Texas Republican noted how the left “beclown themselves” in the criticisms of the president as he talked to Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Daily” about legislation he introduced to allow lawsuits against China and his recent interview with comedian Bill Maher.

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“The leftists seem to be obsessed with blaming Trump for all this and not China. It does seem like there’s a hundred times more focus on the president’s role compared to China’s,” Breitbart’s Alex Marlow, who hosted the show, said, noting Crenshaw’s recent schooling of Maher.

“They beclown themselves in the process because it’s very difficult to argue something when the evidence is stacked against you,” Crenshaw responded.

“They’ve got a lot of confidence in arguing that because they generally get a lot of cover from mainstream media,” the former Navy SEAL added. “They will repeat a mantra, something like the ‘lost month of February,’ and they’ll never back it up, they’ll never really say why they believe it’s the lost month of February. They’ll never really make an argument but they’ll repeat it over and over again.”

Crenshaw’s one-on-one with Maher, in which he defended the president and decimated liberal talking points with cold hard facts, went viral and earned the freshman congressman plenty of accolades.

“It gets repeated throughout the media, it gets repeated by every single Democrat, it’s like a collective, they’re very good at this type of messaging, and they’ll just scoff at you if you question it in this sort of a smug kind of way,” Crenshaw continued. “If you’re willing to break past that, and go behind enemy lines and actually have the debate, it can really go in our favor.”

The Texas lawmaker discussed legislation he introduced with Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who was also on the Breitbart show, acknowledging that Democrats would likely not support a measure allowing lawsuits against China for damages resulting from its delay in handling the coronavirus outbreak.

“If there’s any blame towards China, it takes away blame from Trump. These people have become completely and utterly obsessed with this idea that Trump has blood on his hands, and he’s totally responsible for a global pandemic,” he said.

“You have to ask them a simple question,” Crenshaw said of Democrats. “If you’re going to criticize somebody, then criticize at a specific decision point with the facts they had at the time and tell us how it was so obvious that you would have made a different decision, show us the fork in the road.”

But the GOP lawmaker pointed out that it’s not likely they will respond “because they’re not objective, and they’re not critical thinkers.”

“But I hope they’ll be critical thinkers at least as it falls on the China issue and work with us on this,” he added.

Crenshaw also pointed to the president’s forthcoming executive order barring new immigration and speculated about the hypocrisy and backlash of Democrats.

“If you’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks, the left-wing has criticized Trump for not doing enough of a travel ban on Chinese travel restrictions back in January,” he said. “I wonder how they’re going to about-face and completely criticize him over this particular ban.”

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