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‘Fixed it for you, Chuckles!’ Actor James Woods translates Schumer interview for us

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Conservative actor James Woods did the Twitter-verse a solid on Sunday, when he graciously opted to translate Chuckles-speak for all concerned.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., appeared on ever-friendly CNN to justify Democrats delaying additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program as small businesses desperately await relief.

Just as Democrats did with the massive $2 trillion relief measure passed last month by Congress, where they crammed as much pork into the bill as they could get away with — Speaker Nancy Pelosi even tried to ensure funding for abortions, though she would be stymied — the party is doing the same thing with the PPP funding.

Schumer appeared on CNN’s”State of the Union,” to defend holding up the legislation to ensure additional provisions were included.


“I actually say the very things we Democrats have been fighting for are now going into the bill,” he hold anchor Jake Tapper. “So we Democrats said yes, we want to put the more money in, but let’s set aside some money to make sure it goes the rural areas, the minority areas, to the unbanked. And the $60 billion for the disaster loan was our proposal, and now the administration is going along with that.”

Putting this stance into easily understood language, Woods tweeted: Schumer: ‘Hold on while we shoehorn as much pork into our voting base as we can, until there isn’t a pig left In America.’ Fixed it for you, Chuckles!”

The minority leader’s remarks were in response to criticism from Karen Mills, the former head of the Small Business Administration under the Obama administration, who had urged Democrats to pass the measure as is because “we don’t have time for delay.”

Just as Pelosi held up the last relief bill, Democrats are confident that the media will run cover for them, allowing them to hold critical legislation hostage in exchange for funding for progressive causes and parasitic hard-left non-profits.

In this case, Schumer makes it clear that they were determined to better steer where the money goes, using the concept of fairness and diversity to cover for the pork they want to add.

Having provided Schumer the platform he wanted to spew his propaganda, Tapper dutifully moved on without any follow up on the Democrat’s remarks.

The online response to Wood’s tweet is instructive to how the American people see these career politicians in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

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