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CNN’s ‘Color of Covid’ hosted by Don Lemon and Van Jones panned by critics: ‘Bring on Jussie Smollett’

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Proving that the left can make any issue about race, CNN offered an hour-long special Saturday evening on “the unique challenges black and brown communities are facing during the coronavirus crisis.”

And, having seen the race theme play out one time too many, social media users were skeptical.

Appropriately titled “The Color of Covid,” the special was hosted by CNN anchor Don Lemon and hard-left political commentator Van Jones, as the network put a spotlight on struggles in these communities, reporting that African American communities in cities like Detroit, Chicago, Louisiana and New Jersey have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.

In an interview about the special, Van Jones claimed: “many people assumed that this disease kills only white people and older people.”

“But now the data is clear. The hot spots for this virus are disproportionately in black and brown communities,” he said. “And the hottest spots of all are in the jails, prisons and detention centers. So the [federal] government should be rushing masks, tests and ventilators to the hot spots — flooding black and brown communities with PPE, testing equipment and top-end hospital equipment.”

Interestingly, Jones came under fire when he asked on the show if African-Americans could do more to protect themselves:

Lemon held up Colin Kaepernick as a champion, citing the radical-left ex-NFL player saying “structural racism” is leaving black people “more likely to die from COVID.”

“So this is where we are,” the CNN anchor declared.

The special featured expert opinions from people like Snoop Dogg and Sean “Diddy” Combs, who complained that black Americans are being “thought of last.”

“The facts are sobering, they’re depressing and they’re tragic,” Combs said. “African Americans helped to build this country and make this country great. We don’t deserve to be in this position. We don’t deserve to always be thought of last. And I want to say to my people: Let’s not wait on nobody to save us. Let’s use this as a reset.”

And while President Donald Trump was not the focal point, with November looming large in the windshield and a great uneasiness on the left about just how much black support Trump may truly have, the underlying implications were not hard to see.

Earlier this month, the president acknowledged racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths point to African Americans being disproportionately affected, calling it a “tremendous challenge.”

Turns out, the response from skeptical social media users too accustomed to liberals pulling the dog-eared race card may have been more compelling than the special.

Canadian evolutionary psychologist Gad Saad got things off to a rousing start:

The tweet tagged Kizzmekia Corbett, a viral immunologist and research fellow at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health — she is celebrated in the media for “leading” a team of scientists working to find a vaccine for COVID-19.

Corbett, who has suddenly decided to protect her tweets, also has a serious issue with white men:

Here’s a sampling of responses from social media users to the story from Twitter:

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