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Alex Trebek’s wife offers uplifting message amid virus crisis: ‘Come back to what is most important’

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“Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has praised his wife for the vital support she offers.

Jean Trebek, 55, is not only a caring wife, but she’s also a reiki master, which pertains to the art of spiritual healing, and a sound healer, which involved using vibrations from gongs and other instruments to relax the mind and body, according to Fox News.

As Americans face an unprecedented crisis that wears on the psyche, Mrs. Trebek recently penned an uplifting message for people struggling with the impact of the Wuhan virus COVID-19.

At a time of isolation and financial hardship for many, she is encouraging everyone to make the most out of the present day and to “come back to what is most important in life.”

“Although we are physically being confined to a limited amount of external outings and gatherings, we also have the great opportunity to truly be or invest in ourselves at a deeper level… to learn new things, discover old hobbies, explore all the places you can reorganize in your house, and touch base with some family and friends that you haven’t talked with in a while,” she wrote for Insidewink.com.

With the goal being to look at things in a positive light, Jean says she chooses to think of the social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders much like “the world is on a grand retreat…  a much needed break from all the business, agendas, routines, politics, etc.”

“I feel that we’re each being asked to take a good look at ourselves and the lives we’ve been living, and perhaps use the time to give our inner world some vital attention. To come back to what is most important in life,” she advised.

“To recognize the simple actions we are each taking, rather than mindlessly moving through our day on autopilot,” Mrs. Trebek added.

Referencing “our temporary, new normal,” she said that with a “little creativity, the possibilities are endless” to find a “calmer and productive way” to spend your time, rather than concentrating on the things that are beyond your control.

She then spoke of how she is opting to respond to a stressful time.

“What am I drawn to these days? Whether it’s resting and catching up on sleep or trying out a new hobby or perhaps baking a loaf of bread…I can choose to take this precious time to acknowledge what feels nurturing and respectful to my life, which ultimately will then have a benevolent affect (sic) on my outer world,” Jean added.

Looking ahead, she sees a better world, as we slowly move on from a crisis no one saw coming six short months ago.

“I actually find myself in gratitude for the realization of how temporary this beautiful life is,” Mrs. Trebek concluded. “[A]nd my deep appreciation that as a human race we are becoming more conscious of our interconnectedness which will lead us to creating a new world that works for everyone.”

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