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Actor Michael Rapaport put in his place after troubling rant about exposing Barron Trump to coronavirus

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We already know that it’s due to the media’s own bias against President Trump that they have largely ignored troubled actor Michael Rapaport calling for the president’s youngest son, Barron, to be exposed to the Chinese virus COVID-19, but there’s still hope that a few reporters simply dismiss Rapaport for the unhinged lunatic he is.

The Trump-hating actor and comedian posted a video recording — the written word proves to be challenging to some — in response to a tweet from the president ripping the media for its collective opposition to his desire to open up the economy again as soon as possible.

With Trump saying he hoped this could be accomplished by Easter, the press quickly pushed back, predicting Armageddon would ensue. The president answered with an accusatory tweet saying they are trying to harm his reelection efforts, understanding just how harmful a prolonged shutdown would be for the country.

He tweeted: “The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!”

With a limited grasp on events, Rapaport responded to the tweet with a video.

“The real people want to get back to work ASAP? You never worked a f***ing day in your life,” he said. “You’re worried about the next four years? You need to be worried about the next four days, motherf***er. You need to be worried about the next four weeks, the next four months, you motherf***er.”

“You are the worst possible motherf***er we could have in power making decisions right now,” Rapaport added.

(A warning to readers, the following video contains vulgar language from an adult stunted with a permanent juvenile mindset.)

In and of itself, vulgar criticism of the president is expected from unstable Hollywood liberals consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome. But then, Rapaport probably knows this, which is why he then turned his attention to the president’s children.

Including 14-year-old Barron Trump in his inane rant, the actor said Trump should expose his children to coronavirus to ensure it’s safe for people to go back to work.

“Why don’t you send your f***ing son, d**k stain Donald Trump Jr., big-toothed f***ing Eric Trump, little f***ing Barron, f***ing Ivanka, junkyard Jared — let them go out there and test the f***ing waters,” Rapaport said. “Let them see if s**t is sweet. Let them take the cars, the trains, the buses, the Amtrak, let them play in the park. And if everything’s good after five days of them playing out there in the streets, we’ll all go back.”

The rant prompted a fitting response (though just as obscene) from social media user Antoine Tucker, who called Rapaport out for his “angry, bad white man sh*t.”

*Warning: Vulgar language.

“That sh*t ain’t going nowhere fam,” Tucker said in his own video. “You look like a kid that got picked on every single f***ing day of the week in school. I bet everything I f***ing own that either Eric or Donald (Jr.) would f*** you up in a fair fight.”

Calling him a “culture vulture” for appropriating other people’s culture, it’s clear that Tucker has Rapaport’s number.

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