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Establishment deems Biden Dems’ 2020 nominee after Midwest victories: ‘Let’s shut this puppy down’

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Former Vice President Joe Biden followed up his big Super Tuesday victory with another strong showing Tuesday night, as he picked up four of six states, and leads in another.

In the process of outpacing socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, the narrative has been set and marching orders have been issued: Joe Biden has been declared the winner in the 2020 Democratic primary.

Hell, even fellow socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., a leading Sanders supporter, knows a tough night when she sees one.

“There’s no sugarcoating it. Tonight is a tough night,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a video posted on Instagram.

Biden picked up wins in Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho and Michigan, and was ahead in Washington by a razor slim margin, though the state has yet to be called. Sanders’ only win of the night was North Dakota.

But it was the Michigan win that had everyone convinced the race is over, as Sanders carried the state over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary — it seems clear now that his strong performance in 2016 was more a reflection of the anti-Hillary vote than it was an embrace of socialism.

Democratic strategist James Carville is convinced that it’s time to “shut this thing down.”

“We can’t diss these Democratic voters who are coming out in every corner of this country and saying, ‘Let’s get on with this thing, our mission as a party is to defeat Donald Trump,'” he said Tuesday night.

Appearing on MSNBC, Carville was careful to tiptoe around the legion of Bernie Bros, tossing them a few platitudes, but said the party needs to “pivot” towards the general election.

“These voters want to shut this thing down,” Carville said.

“This is all about November,” he continued. “I mean, you can just look all across the spectrum of the Democratic Party and people are saying we’ve made our decision, this is who we’re going with.”

That this person is gaffe-prone Joe Biden being a whole other matter.

“Let’s shut this puppy down, and let’s move on and worry about November,” Carville said. “This thing is decided. There’s no reason to keep it going not even a day longer.”

Biden would give what sounded much like a victory speech, as he appealed to those who support Sanders to join in on the “common goal” of beating Trump.

CNN is certainly on board.

To be clear, Carville was far from the only one saying it was all over but the crying. As Rush Limbaugh’s producer Bo Snerdely tweeted, Sanders may want to watch his step carefully going forward.

“Bye-Bye Bernie – even if you win a few states – Democrats are already plotting to throw you under the bus – your own campaign bus. Safe travels – to you and your fellow travelers!”

Again, it was Michigan that stood out for so many, as Sanders won the state with 49.6% of the vote in 2016, only to lose Tuesday with just 36.5% of the vote.

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