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Turkey ‘opened doors’ to Arab migrants now forcing their way into Europe. Greece is fighting back.

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Already overrun with millions of migrants from the Middle East, Europe continues to grapple with the massive flow of humanity.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “opened the doors” to allow Arab migrants to travel to European Union member states, putting Greece and Bulgaria in the line of fire, the BBC reported.

At the same time, Greece has blocked new asylum applications for the next month, according to the BBC, which reported that Greek officials have stopped nearly 10,000 migrants attempting to cross the land border with Turkey.

Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said online his country has increased “the level of deterrence at our borders to the maximum.”

“The borders of Greece are the external borders of Europe. We will protect them,” he wrote. “Once more, do not attempt to enter Greece illegally – you will be turned back.”

Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said the migrants “are being used by Turkey as pawns to exert diplomatic pressure,” according to Reuters.

“The present situation is an active, serious, severe and asymmetrical threat to the national security of the country,” Petsas said.

The EU was said to be assisting Greece and Bulgaria in protecting their borders.

Turkey is home to 3.7 million Syrian refugees, as well as other migrants from places like Afghanistan, the BBC reported, but the country says it cannot deal with the vast numbers fleeing Syria’s war.

Erdogan had been stopping the migrants from leaving for Europe under an EU aid-linked deal, but is now accusing members of breaking promises made in 2016.

Greece’s Deputy Defense Minister Alkiviadis Stefanis told Skai TV that Turkey was encouraging migrants to make the trip.

“Not only are they not stopping them, but they are helping them,” Stefanis claimed.

And it’s not like the migrants are politely knocking at the door, as they are reportedly throwing rocks, metal bars and tear gas canisters when stopped at the border.

Greek border guards responded by firing tear gas.

As noted online, the photos show the vast majority of those amassing at the border to be “military-aged male migrants.”

While noting that Greece is in the middle of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, One America News Network’s Jack Posobiec called on NATO to intervene and assist Greece and Bulgria in holding off the wave of migrants trying to force their way into the countries.

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