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Dan Bongino torpedoes Mediaite at CPAC: ‘Sorry, you guys are total a**holes to me’

Dan Bongino CPAC mediaite assholes
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino tore Mediaite a new one when he slammed the “fake news” outlet for their longtime smear campaign against him. (screenshot)

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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino unleashed on the left-wing blog Mediaite for being “total a**holes” and “douchebags” by constantly smearing him with “fake news” stories.

The fiery exchange occurred in the hallways at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Wednesday. Mediaite blogger Zachary Petrizzo said he approached Bongino and introduced himself.

According to the Mediaite writer, Bongino replied: “Nothing personal, but your site sucks. Sorry, you guys are total a**holes to me. Like total douchebags. Constant bullsh*t.”

Dan Bongino is a best-selling author, podcaster, and Fox News contributor who was a Secret Service agent for 12 years. He was annoyed that the left-wing website repeatedly writes negative hit pieces about him.

“I probably make more money than your entire website,” Bongino said. “I don’t want to be treated like a d*ck. Show some respect.”

Anyone who has ever read Mediaite knows that the blog is left-wing and extremely anti-Trump. Even though it claims to cover the media industry, its bias is obvious in its headlines and coverage.

Bongino also tore into Mediaite editor-in-chief, Aidan McLaughlin.

“Aidan is a d*ck. All the time,” Bongino reportedly said. “And you could tell him I said that. It doesn’t make any sense. Like, why? If you’ve got something of substance you disagree with, then take me on [instead of smearing me]…Mediaite sh*ts on me all the time for no apparent reason.”

Dan bongino mediaite assholes
Mediaite wrote up its heated CPAC exchange with Dan Bongino, where he scolded them over their “fake news.” (screenshot)

After Mediaite blogged about the exchange, Bongino trolled it on Twitter, writing: “There are few things more glorious than getting a fake news outlet to print a headline on their own site about what a**holes they are. This was a bucket list item. Box checked!”


BizPac Review’s managing editor Michele Kirk snapped this photo of Bongino at his CPAC booth before his dust-up with Mediaite.

Here’s BizPac Review’s Michele Kirk with CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp.

Schlapp was applauded by millions of conservatives for disinviting Senator Mitt Romney from this year’s CPAC. President Trump is the keynote speaker at the event, which drew 10,000 people last year.

Schlapp said Romney showed his true colors by voting with Democrats to convict President Trump on sham charges at the Senate impeachment trial.

Therefore, Schlapp says Mitt’s conservative card has been revoked. “We won’t credential him as a conservative,” Schlapp said earlier this month. Fittingly, Romney was booed at CPAC this week.

The theme of this year’s CPAC conference is “America versus Socialism.” It’s a reference to the recent surge of socialism, a failed ideology that’s being aggressively championed by Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the far-left faction of the Democratic Party.

Dan Bongino told Fox News host Jesse Watters that he cannot believe that the Democrats are promoting a socialist as its presidential nominee.

“We live in the United States of America, the freest country in the history of humankind,” Bongino said. “Are we ready right now for the likelihood that a socialist is going to be nominated for a major party for the presidency? Not only a socialist but a fraud — a millionaire socialist, a limousine liberal socialist — who owns three homes.”

Bongino continued: “This guy is a step away from running from the presidency of the United States — advocating for a system that has snuffed out the lives, fortunes, and wealth of hundreds of millions of people. This is not a joke anymore! This is insane.”

(Source: Watters World)

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