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Biden’s hands-off ‘naked woman’ scenario at campaign event raises eyebrows

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Vice President Joe Biden is a gaffe machine with no off switch, and of all the topics you’d think he might steer away from, touching women would have to be a the top of the list.

After all, he is commonly referred to as “creepy Uncle Joe” over an inability to keep his hands to himself.

Speaking at a campaign event in South Carolina on Tuesday, Biden was talking about the Violence Against Women Act, which he drafted as a U.S. senator, when he offered an ill-advised scenario of a woman walking naked to say that “no man has a right to touch her.”

“No man has a right to lay a hand on a woman for any reason other than self-defense,” Biden said. “If someone in this room got up, took off all their clothes, and walked out the door, no man has a right to touch her.”

While it’s understandable the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate would want to pander to women, Biden’s assertion leaves one to wonder if he thinks that by having clothes on, women forfeit this right?

Biden’s comment was part of a long, rambling, 20-minute response to a question about overpopulation, where he discussed women’s rights and said one answer would be to help women in poor countries get abortions, according to the Washington Examiner.

The ability to kill unborn babies empowering women, according to Biden.

“The majority of the world’s population growth takes place in the poorest countries in the world, where women aren’t being empowered. What will you do to help empower women in the world’s poorest countries?” Biden told the small crowd.

Biden has used the “naked woman” scenario in the past while speaking at the United State of Women Summit in 2016.

“That’s why one of the most important things we did in the Violence Against Women Act was to articulate the basic moral principle that every single woman has a fundamental right to live her life free of violence,” he said at the time.

“I remember when we did the act, when we were debating it, I said if a woman in this audience got up, stripped down, stark naked, and walked over to the United States Capitol, she has a right to be arrested for indecent exposure, but no man, even in that circumstance, has a right to touch her,” Biden said. “No man has a right to touch her! Period! Period! Period!”

“This abuse is not a personal matter. It’s not a family issue,” he added. “It’s not a misunderstanding of something she had coming. Violence against women is a crime, pure and simple, deserving of our nation’s legal and moral disapprobation.”

One thing is certain, Joe Biden is a dream come true when it comes to the creation of GIFS.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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