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Tucker blasts Bernie for touting pot shop prosperity for minorities: ‘Numb out. Maybe you won’t notice’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson lambasted Sen. Bernie Sanders for his plans to legalize marijuana and help minority-owned businesses sell it.

Carlson mocked the Vermont senator and 2020 Democratic hopeful following his remarks during the Democratic debate in South Carolina this week in which blasted the “horrific” war on drugs as one of the reasons for the “racist” criminal justice system in America.

(Source: Fox News)

In a review of Tuesday’s Democratic debate, Carlson noted how, as chaos descended on the stage, Sanders “decided it was the perfect opportunity to indulge his real passion which is attacking America, a country he clearly hates.”

“Here he is explaining that America’s criminal justice system is actually more repressive than communist China’s,” he added, introducing the video clip of Sanders.

“We have a criminal justice system today that is not only broken, it is racist, got more people in jail than any other country on earth including China,” Sanders said Tuesday during the Democratic debate. “One of the reasons for that is a horrific war on drugs.”

“Oh, the war on drugs! Bernie Sanders talks about that in every speech he gives,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday.

“A declining country with a sad underemployed middle class obviously needs to smoke a ton more weed. That’s Bernie’s solution to the malaise,” he added. “Fire up a bowl. Numb out. Maybe you won’t notice.”

“So where is this weed going to come from? Bernie has a plan for that, too. Black people are going to sell it to you,” Carlson said, playing another clip of Sanders from the debate.

“We’re going to provide help to the African-American, Latino, Native American community to start businesses to sell legal marijuana rather than let a few corporations control the legalized marijuana market,” Sanders said.

“That’s a real clip, by the way,” Carlson told viewers after the video.

“So first, they fill black neighborhoods with abortion clinics. Now their frontrunner is encouraging more black kids to sell drugs,” he said.  “But somehow this is the party that loves black America. Doesn’t sound like it.”

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg countered Sanders on the issue at the debate, stressing that the “evidence so far is worrisome” about marijuana’s long-term effects.

“Until we know the science, it’s just nonsensical to push ahead,” he said. “But the cat’s out of the bag.”

“The first thing we should do is not make this a criminal thing if you have a small amount,” Bloomberg said at one point, in an apparent departure from his previous stand. “For dealers, yes, but for the average person, no, and we should expunge the records of those who got caught in it before.”

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio mocked Democrats after the South Carolina presidential debate, noting the candidates seemed to be promising government-controlled internet, energy, schools, and health care.

“And as a bonus, reefer for everyone!” he tweeted.

Sanders has vowed that if elected president he will legalize marijuana with an executive order within his first 100 days in office. He also plans to expunge all past federal and state marijuana convictions.

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