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Proud dad Trump talks about youngest son Barron: He could have done Obamacare website for free

Trump Barron Better Healthcare Website than Obamacare
President Trump says his 13-year-old son could have built a better healthcare website than the disastrous Obamacare. (screenshot)

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President Trump says his 13-year-old son Barron could’ve built a better healthcare website than the Obama administration did with its disastrous rollout of the bloated Obamacare.

The President rarely discusses Barron publicly because he’s underage and has been targeted by leftist bullies. However, during a raucous rally in Las Vegas on Friday, Trump gushed that Barron is a “genius” who loves working on his computer.

“I have a son at home,” Trump said (see video below). “He’s 13, he’s a genius with computers.”

The President then mimicked a conversation he usually has with Barron, who’s always on his computer and is unfazed that his father is the leader of the free world.

Trump recounted: “‘Hi Dad! What’s up, Dad? Dad, get out of here.”

The president jokingly continued: “Hey, listen. I’m the President of the United States, Barron.”

“Dad! Come on, Dad! Can’t you see I’m playing with my computer?'”

(Source: YouTube)

President Trump marveled at how technologically advanced children today are.

“These guys are genius. You know, they grow up [using computers all the time], it’s like walking,” Trump said. “I could have given him [the Obamacare] healthcare site. And he would have done it for nothing and it would have been better than what they have!”

The crowd then started chanting, “Barron! Barron! Barron!” That prompted a proud smile from the president.

Trump said: “He’s going to like that. He’s a good boy. He’s a tall boy, I’ll tell you that.”

Barron Trump — who turns 14 next month — stands at 6-foot-3. That’s not surprising since the President is 6-foot-2 and First Lady Melania Trump is 5-foot-11.

The President’s second son, Eric Trump, is 6-foot-4, while Donald Trump Jr. stands at 6-foot-1. Ivanka Trump is 5-foot-11.

First Lady Melania Trump, who has called motherhood “the most important job ever,” said she’s a full-time mom who employs no nannies and takes Barron to and from school herself.

“I am a full-time mom; that is my first job. The most important job ever,” Melania said. “I cook him breakfast. Bring him to school. Pick him up. Prepare his lunch. I spend the afternoon with him.”

Melania said her secret to being a good mom is listening. “I think the No. 1 parenting secret is that it is so important to have good listening skills,” she said.

President Trump said: “I listen to what Barron says, what troubles him and what he is excited about. Then I can guide and support. I don’t push my thoughts or likes or dislikes. I want him to grow to be his own person. I think is important to give a child room to make mistakes in order to learn.”

Barron is enrolled at the prestigious St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in suburban Maryland, the Mirror reported. St. Andrew’s has small classes (ranging from 11 to 15 students), and only 580 students in total. This likely gives Barron the privacy he needs and deserves at this point in his young life.

The Trumps’ decision to send Barron to St. Andrew’s is a departure from what the Obamas and Clintons did. Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, attended Sidwell Friends School in D.C. Hillary and Bill Clinton did the same with Chelsea.

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