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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin frets former FBI chief Andrew McCabe is in ‘a really perilous condition’

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In an effort to paint President Trump in the worst possible light, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin painted a distressing portrait of a vindictive, out-of-control president feverishly lashing out at innocent people.

The fact that Toobin opted to run interference for the likes of fired FBI director James Comey and his second in charge, former deputy director Andrew McCabe, now a CNN contributor, speaks volumes about the incestuous relationship that exists between the deep state and the Trump-hating media.

Characterizing efforts to clean out the DC swamp as “grotesque” political retribution, Toobin warned that McCabe was in “a really perilous condition.”

Appearing Thursday on “Don Lemon Tonight,” he was reacting to a Washington Post story about “growing behind-the-scenes anger from the president toward the Justice Department,” citing anonymous sources, of course.

“Look, you can have grievances with James Comey,” Toobin pontificated. “The idea he committed a crime is absurd. The person in a really perilous condition right now is the CNN contributor Andrew McCabe, who is under investigation from the U.S. Attorney’s office right now and has had his case dangling out there.”

“The president obviously wants Andy McCabe prosecuted,” he continued. “And it’s just grotesque that you have the President of the United States behaving this way with the power of prosecution exercised in this way.”

A DOJ inspector general investigation concluded McCabe lied to investigators about his role in leaking to a Wall Street Journal reporter.

The Post article states that the president feels FBI Director Christopher A. Wray has not done enough to change the bureau’s culture, and that Comey and McCabe have yet to face criminal charges for their actions.

Trump allegedly flew into a “rage” after Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred Comey for possible criminal prosecution, but he was not charged, with the Post noting that he “complained so loudly and swore so frequently in the Oval Office that some of his aides discussed it for days.”

“Can you [expletive] believe they didn’t charge him?” Trump allegedly said.

More from the newspaper:

Trump has also wanted charges filed against Comey’s former deputy, Andrew McCabe. A separate inspector general investigation concluded that McCabe lied to investigators about his role in authorizing disclosures for a Wall Street Journal story in October 2016 about internal FBI tensions over an investigation of the Clinton Foundation. A grand jury in Washington seemed poised to make a decision on the case last year before fizzling into inaction.


CNN anchor Don Lemon spoke of the actions of the top-level bureau officials in the same breath as the cases involving former national security advisor Mike Flynn and longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone.

“What he’s saying is if Flynn and Stone are going to go to jail or be in jail, shouldn’t Comey and as you say McCabe. That’s how he feels,” Lemon suggested.

Toobin was emphatic in defending the disgraced former FBI officials, suggesting that somehow their lies were different.

“But they did different things!” he exclaimed. “There’s just — you know, the facts are not identical. So just because he likes the two who are prosecuted and doesn’t like the people who weren’t prosecuted, that’s not a reason.”

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell also ran interference for Comey and McCabe, characterizing Trump’s expectations on accountability as an unreasonable response to “imaginary crimes.”

“There’s this old authoritarian line: ‘For my friends, everything; for my enemies, the law,’” Rampell said. “And for Trump it’s ‘For my friends, everything; for my enemies, whatever that I conceive of the law and all these imaginary crimes to be.’”


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