Mr. Peanut Super Bowl ad saga got a little too nutty

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The commercials for Super Bowl LIV seem to suggest that in the quest to stand out in the crowd, the art of messaging may be getting lost in the process.

Planters Peanuts ad Sunday may fit that category, as the spot required viewers to be up to speed with an earlier commercial that set up the ad run during the game — this being part of a social media marketing strategy to involve consumers in a continuing story.

Sunday’s 30-second commercial, which comes with a $5.6 million price tag, picks up at the funeral of Mr. Peanut, the top hat and monocle wearing mascot who has been repping Planters for more than a century — death is typically not seen as an effective marketing ploy.

“Mr. Peanut, he spent his life bringing people to together. I know he’d be happy that we are all together now,” said actor Wesley Snipes, as he eulogized the dapper peanut.

The funeral is attended by other commercial product mascots, to include the Kool-Aid Man. When the anthropomorphic pitcher begins to cry, his tears collect on the freshly dug grave, resulting in a cute little Mr. Peanut baby to sprout.

The renewed mascot begins emanating the sounds of Disney’s Baby Yoda character, before saying, “Just kidding, I’m back. Where’s my monocle?”

As cute as the commercial may be, those unaware of the first spot chronicling the death of Mr. Peanut may have found themselves scrambling to keep up.

The first ad also starred Wesley Snipes, along with Matt Walsh, and portrayed Mr. Peanut as a life-saving hero after a car accident involving the Nutmobile, which went off a cliff after swerving to avoid an armadillo in the road.

This resulted in Mr. Peanut, Snipes and Walsh being trapped on a branch extending from the cliff. The branch begins to break and Snipes and Walsh argue over who will let go to lessen the weight, prompting Mr. Peanut to heroically make the sacrifice.


The “Estate of Mr. Peanut” Twitter account tweeted on January 22: “It is with heavy hearts that we confirm that Mr. Peanut has died at 104. In the ultimate selfless act, he sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him most.”

The new commercial introducing the tiny legume prompted the #babynut hashtag to start trending online, resulting in a fascinating loyalty to Baby Yoda over Baby Nut.

A loyalty that didn’t fare too well for the little fellow:

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