Real hashtag #HotBoysForBernie goes down the exact road you were afraid it would

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters found a new way to express themselves on social media and set the hashtag #HotBoysForBernie trending on Twitter.

Fans of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate deluged the social media site with tweets showing off their support, and their abs in some cases, for the Vermont senator.

(Image: ABC News screenshot)

The contributions poured in after a call from the Twitter account “Hot Girls For Bernie” which announced the online campaign for Friday.

The call for action urged “hot boys around the country” to follow the “lead of the courageous #HotGirlsForBernie to support Bernie Sanders going into the crucial Iowa caucus.”

“Down with billionaires and conventional beauty standards,” the tweet added.

It wasn’t long before the participants complied.

But the assortment offered quite a variety, with everything from bearded, bespectacled men to men in drag, and declaring “vote for Bernie or be ugly!”

Although there were some offering the other extreme.

Though the “hot boys” certainly stirred up plenty of applause, there were some on Twitter who were just not sold.

Meanwhile, a new Morning Consult poll found that Sanders leads his 2020 rivals in the LGBT vote, with 34 percent of LGBT respondents saying they supported the 78-year-old candidate.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren garnered 19 percent of the LGBT voters while former Vice President Joe Biden had 18 percent and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg received 7 percent. Interestingly, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is gay, only received 12 percent of the LGBT support.

Frieda Powers


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