Two scenarios in Iowa as Trump packs the house, and Biden hits Dairy Queen

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As Democrat presidential front-runner Joe Biden enjoyed ice cream at a Dairy Queen in Pella, Iowa, and then proceeded to speak to a relatively tiny crowd of supporters in Ottumwa, Iowa, over in the state’s capital President Donald Trump made the Earth quake. Almost literally.

“President Donald Trump visited Des Moines, Iowa for a rally Thursday night, January 30, 2020. The more-than-7,000-seat venue was packed, hitting capacity and requiring some people to stand outside after the venue was filled,” reported.

See scenes from the rally below:

This footage contrasts sharply with what was seen over in Biden’s neck of the woods.

As the president’s rally was on the verge of beginning, over in Pella former VP Biden reportedly stopped at a Dairy Queen to answer some questions and lick (and perhaps even sniff) some ice cream.


The excitement continued as Biden then reportedly stopped by a Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. (VFW) post in Ottumwa for a meeting with a few dozen supporters.


The former VP’s attempts to distract the world from the president’s rally reportedly began earlier that morning.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden will try to deflect some of the attention from President Donald’s Trump’s Thursday evening rally in Des Moines, Iowa, with a pre-rally speech that’s also intended to convince Iowa Democrats that he’s best suited to represent the party’s standard-bearer in November,” Bloomberg reported Wednesday evening.

“The former vice president will speak Thursday morning in Waukee, a Des Moines suburb, hours before Trump’s rally, which comes as he hopes to inspire a strong turnout in Monday’s Republican caucuses as a sign of the party’s strength in the state.”

While that event admittedly attracted a sizable crowd, the crowd still paled in size to the one that came out to see the president later that evening.


According to critics, the former VP’s recent events in Iowa have also allegedly failed to match those held by fellow 2020 contender Sen. Bernie Sanders, who, despite being in second place nationally, is currently leading the polls in Iowa.


All this comes amid an increase in gaffes and misstatements by Biden.

This Tuesday he told Iowa state representative Ed Fallon to “go vote for somebody else” after Fallon aggressively confronted him about his proposed climate change policies.

And that wasn’t even the first time:

Regardless, if you compare his events to Trump’s events, it seems like many Americans are following his advice to a T … a Trump T, that is.

Vivek Saxena


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