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Trump blunt with Iowa supporters ahead of Tuesday’s caucus: Dems ‘want to nullify your ballots…not happening!’

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With the Iowa caucus just days away, President Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night at Drake University’s Knapp Center, in Des Moines, to steal a little thunder from the Democratic Party.

Feeling good about things, the president touted a robust economy while mocking the opposition party for impeaching him, promising that it “will not work.” As he’s known to do on occasion, Trump referred to himself in the third person.

“We are having probably the best years we’ve ever had in the history of our country,” Trump said. “And I just got impeached. Can you believe these people? They impeach Trump.”


“The best trade deals, the strongest military, I took care of the vets — we’ve got choice, we’ve got accountability for the vets,” he said. “We have got all these things and they impeach your president. No, that will not work. Watch. Just watch.”

Borrowing from one of his chief antagonizers. Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., Trump told rally-goers that the merry band of Democratic co-conspirators is looking to “nullify” their ballots.


“They want to nullify your ballots. Poison our democracy and overthrow the entire system of government,” he charged. “That’s not happening, I can tell you that. Washington Democrats have spent the last three years trying to overturn the last election.”

Yet, a confident Trump let it be known he’s not stressing — it certainly helped when just a few hours later it was reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., had the votes to avoid calling new witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial, which should bring proceedings to an end in the next few days.

“Why am I not worried?” he said, before contrasting the atmosphere when the other three US presidents were impeached with events today. “Remember [Richard] Nixon, it was a dark time. With [Bill] Clinton, it was not good. With [Andrew] Johnson, a long time ago, none of us remember, it was a very dark time. This is a happy period for us.”

The crowd responded to the assertion with a rousing cheer, before breaking out in a chant of “USA, USA!”

“It’s a happy period because we call this ‘impeachment-light,'” the president added, before turning his sights on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the Democrats’ leading impeachment manager.

“Crazy Schiff. Shifty Schiff. He’s a sick puppy,” he said. “But you know what, today I hit my highest poll numbers since I got elected — because the American people, and frankly, people all over the world, know it’s a hoax.”

In a show of how much ground has been covered in three years, the president praised the Republican Party, saying that they know what’s going on and are “going to treat us very fairly.”

“The Democrats are trying to overturn the last election — we will make sure that they face another crushing defeat in 2020,” he assured the crowd.

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, beloved by Trump’s supporters, made a rare appearance at the rally, taking a cheap shot a Democrats, who have been campaigning in the state for months ahead on Tuesday’s caucus.

Pointing out that she met her husband in Des Moines, Sanders talked about how she loved coming to the state, before apologizing for all the “crazy liberal Democrats.”

“We’re sorry you’ve had so many crazy liberal Democrats running around here the last year,” she said, reassuring the audience that in the end “this guy is still going to be our president,” as she looked back at Trump with a smile.

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