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Gutfeld says impeachment ‘revs’ up Trump, making him ‘most effective president in our lifetimes’

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld believes the impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump have only served to make him more “effective.”

Gutfeld addressed the “disconnect” between the reality of Trump’s accomplishments and the media narrative about him in the face of an impeachment trial in the Senate, suggesting it all just “revs” up the president.

(Source: Fox News)

“As Donald Trump signs yet another trade deal and reveals a Middle East peace plan amid an economic boom, it raises the key question: how can a president do so many effective things and still face a hateful opposition?” Gutfeld asked in his opening monologue on “The Five” Wednesday.

“If you ask people to grade his work based on their lives, they’ll tell you things are great because the results are obvious. More jobs, higher wages, peace, prosperity. But if you ask them about impeachment or about the president in general, the responses will vary, so why is that?” he mused.

“Well maybe they know what happens if you say anything nice about Trump,” he suggested.

“Or it could also be Trump’s personality. If he rubbed you the wrong way four years ago, maybe he still does. But also the media runs the turf where facts and opinions can be molded into any narrative they desire,” Gutfeld said as the logos for MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post flashing on the screen beside him.

“We know the golden oldies. Trump’s unstable, he’s about to cause World War 3, he’s a racist, he’s not responsible for this economy. All are a matter of opinion born from emotion disconnected from concrete results,” he added.

“And yet, like a t-shirt cannon, the media can shoot those messages to you at home and call it an honest days work,” Gutfeld said.

Trump’s signing of the historic United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement was downplayed by the mainstream media Wednesday as the focus remained on the impeachment trial. In fact, NBC Nightly News completely ignored the celebration on the South Lawn of the White House as Trump was joined by Republican lawmakers, blue-collar workers and union leaders to celebrate the trade deal three years in the making.

“It’s safe to say much of the disconnect between Trump’s results and the polls are largely media-driven. The media is like the bitter ex-spouse whispering bad things to the kids about the other parent,” he said, adding that impeachment is “their way to really tar the guy and they aren’t even hiding it.”

“The upside to all this? It seems impeachment really revs up an already competitive president. You try to bring him down and he just does more,” Gutfeld noted.

“If you keep at this, he’ll probably cure the Coronavirus and make China pay for it,” he joked, prompting laughter from his co-hosts.

“I think he would agree that with the trade deals, the peace plans, the dead terrorists,” Gutfeld concluded,  “impeachment has made Trump the most effective president in our lifetimes.”

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