Burger King sparks food fight trolling Wendy’s with a tweet pic

Burger King may be the home of flame-grilled hamburgers but the fast-food chain was the one feeling the heat after an attempt to troll its rival backfired.

Wendy’s social media account has long earned its status as snark champion on Twitter and Burger King became its latest target after it unsuccessfully tried to mock the restaurant chain’s square patties.

Burger King posted a photo of its mascot in front of a Wendy’s store, holding a cardboard sign that read, “Roses are red, violets are blue, patties are round.”

Though it wasn’t clear how the rhyme was supposed to end, Wendy’s decided to hit back with a different angle.

As expected, Burger King responded with another sign reading, “Don’t burn people just because you can’t flame-grill.”

Wendy’s fired back with another zinger.

And Wendy’s took credit for having “thoroughly dunked” on its fast-food rival.

Wendy’s took a celebratory lap on Twitter while continuing to roast Burger King.

Burger King answered back some of its own critics – and fans.

As some Twitter users pointed out, Burger King may not have succeeded in trolling Wendy’s but at least a new meme template was born.

Frieda Powers


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