De Blasio burned for being out-of-touch when tweet boasting best NYC bagel goes ALL wrong

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wrecked National Bagel Day with his tweet and delete of a shout out to his favorite carbohydrate order.

The Democratic mayor, who was torched by constituents a few years back when he ate pizza with a knife and fork, set off an outcry when he dared to share the controversial way his favorite bagel was prepared.

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“New York City has the best bagels in the world. But our BEST bagel? Bagel Hole in Park Slope. No contest,” de Blasio wrote in the original tweet Wednesday.

But adding, “Whole wheat. Toasted. Extra cream cheese,” sent many over the edge as toasting bagels is tantamount to sacrilege for bagel aficionados.

And to add to the #BagelGate scandal, the Bagel Hole bakery in the Brooklyn neighborhood where the mayor raised his family, declared that it does not ever toast its bagels.

“We bake them here and they’re already hot,” Bagel Hole’s assistant manager Raul Perez told The New York Post. “It’s the old-fashioned way.”

Like de Blasio’s failed presidential campaign, the tweet soon disappeared, but de Blasio did return with another version of the post, this time with the offensive word removed.

Twitter users were not fooled.

The mayor’s liberal policies and the epic problems facing the city don’t seem to have raised the ire of New Yorkers the way the bagel snafu did.

While there were irate attacks on the mayor, some waded into the controversy to lighten the mood, with even de Blasio commenting to one critic, “What can I say, I must have a hole in my memory.”

“This is a schmear campaign against the mayor’s preferences,” the mayor’s press secretary, Freddi Goldstein, responded.

“When he’s at a place that toasts, he gets toasted, but for Bagel Hole he’s happy to forgo the toasting,” she said.

State Senator Brad Hoylman and Manhattan City Councilman Keith Powers also offered their take.

But some #BagelGate commentators wondered if there weren’t more important things to be focused on.

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