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‘Have fun, Shep!’ Greta Van Susteren’s husband calls MSNBC talent ‘whores’ with ‘pathetic jobs’

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Greta Van Susteren’s reaction to a report on her struggling MSNBC ratings prompted a fiery defense from her husband who slammed the “whores” at the network.

Van Susteren, who left Fox News for MSNBC in 2017, commented on a Daily Beast report about “potential changes” at the network, defending the ratings from her former show, “For the Record with Greta,” which lasted six months.

(Image: MSNBC screenshot)

The article noted that she “didn’t jibe with MSNBC’s left-leaning profile” and “also failed with viewers and ultimately departed.”

In a tweet, a frustrated Van Susteren claimed that “in less than 6 months my ratings were up 94% over show I replaced” when she was at MSNBC.

Van Susteren’s husband John Coale commented with a blistering attack in defense of his wife.

“Your ratings were much better than the whores who work at Msnbc. The on air chickens will say anything the suits tell them to. Just to keep their pathetic jobs,” the well-known Washington lawyer tweeted.

Coale included a message to former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith who has reportedly been speaking with MSNBC.

“Have fun Shep!” he added.

Coale clarified to Mediaite that his rebuke of MSNBC was aimed at “On air folks” and not at “staffers.”

Van Susteren, who spent 14 years at Fox News before she departed, hosted the weekly “Plugged In With Greta Van Susteren” for Voice of America and then launched “Full Court Press” last year via Atlanta-based Gray Television. She was slammed by former Fox News colleague Gretchen Carlson last month for inviting Bill O’Reilly, also a former Fox News host, on her new show.

Van Susteren’s abrupt departure from MSNBC after failing to live up to ratings expectations drew the attention of President Trump who attributed her firing by “out of control bosses” to her refusal to go along with the “Trump hate” at the liberal network.

The veteran journalist’s husband told The New York Times at the time that there was “no warning” that her show was in trouble.

“They didn’t want her anymore,” Coale said in 2017. “We’re in kind of shock.”

His attack on the network this week sparked reactions on Twitter where many understood the frustration but felt he went too far in his choice of words.

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