‘Open fire on protesters in Iran’: Activists trample Ayatollah posters, post videos of bloodshed in streets

There is literally blood in the streets of Tehran as pro-government security forces are being shown on social media video to be firing on anti-government protesters there. Only hours earlier, U.S. President Trump issued a warning to Iran that “the world is watching” the protests and how the government would react.

Later on Sunday, Trump again tweeted, “don’t kill your protesters.”

On Sunday, armed Iranian militia were reported to be firing at demonstrators protesting Ayatollah Khameini’s regime following the military’s admission of shooting down Ukraine International Airline’s Flight 752 last week.

Angry but peaceful protests against the Islamic republic grew out of gatherings intended to mourn 176 people killed in the airline disaster.

Media footage showed blood pouring from a gunshot wound. The Daily Mail reported the woman was killed not far from Azadi Square.

Images posted online show a militiaman armed with a shotgun running from the scene of the shooting of the unarmed female.

Other media posts reflect panic in the crowd as gunshots ring out …

The Daily Mail reported tensions began to rise Sunday night when posters of the Ayatollah and the deceased General Qassem Soleimani were torn down, trampled, and burned. Chants of “death to Khameini” and other anti-government cries filled the air.

According to the British paper, “those brutally breaking up the demonstrators were members of the Basij, a paramilitary volunteer wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and were acting on the orders of the regime. ”

Riot police armed with batons, water cannons, and tear gas were earlier at other protest gatherings around the city.

Victor Rantala


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