Iranian journalist says Ilhan Omar helped trash her for criticizing terrorist regime and Soleimani

An Iranian journalist accused Rep. Ilhan Omar of joining critics who disparaged her after she wrote an article criticizing deceased Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

Author and activist Masih Alinejad called out the Minnesota Democrat in a discussion with Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Friday, explaining how her op-ed for the Washington Post calling Soleimani a “warmonger” ignited a smear campaign against her.

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“So why is she coming after you?” MacCallum asked on “The Story.”

Alinejad, who has been a vocal critic of the Islamic regime in Iran, said she believed it was due to her opinion piece titled, “Don’t believe Iranian propaganda about the mourning for Soleimani.”

“I criticized Soleimani and I said that many Iranians do not see him as a hero. They see him as a warmonger, as a war criminal. And that is why I got a lot of attacks by these Islamist lobbyists,” she said.

Alinejad added that Omar had “actually shared one of these defamatory articles against me” on social media.

But she noted that the troubling part is that she reached out to Omar on several occasions to get her to speak on different issues and show “solidarity” with others.

“One time, six women got arrested just because of protesting compulsory hijab. Another time, 29 women in Iran got arrested in one day because of protesting compulsory hijab, and I asked Omar to join us and show solidarity. She was silent,” Alinejad told MacCallum.

“And another time when my brother was taken hostage by the Revolutionary Guard, I reach out to her. Silence again,” she said.  “My mother was interrogated for three hours just because of my activities. Again, she was silent. 1500 people got killed, she was silent. Right now, 176 people got killed in a suspicious situation in Iran, Ukrainian airplane — she’s silent!”

“Are you suggesting that she doesn’t care about the freedom that you are fighting for?” MacCallum asked, wondering if the Muslim congresswoman was siding with the Iranian regime.

“What I want to say is this: She broke her silence when I criticized the Islamic Republic,” Alinejad replied.

“I criticized President Trump in Washington Post about travel bans, separated me from my son in the U.K. I haven’t seen my son for two years. Why didn’t she attack me when I criticized President Trump?” she asked.

“But as soon I criticized the criminals of the Islamic Republic and I called them warmongers and call them terrorists, called them religious dictatorship, then the Islamic lobbyists here they attack us,” she added.

Alinejad posted a response to Omar on Twitter Friday, calling her out on  choosing to “amplify a smear campaign” against her and to “repeat Islamic Republic propaganda against me.”


The journalist has also been actively sharing videos and reports allegedly coming from inside Iran where the citizens have, as she contended, been protesting against the government and celebrating the death of the Iranian general.

Twitter users familiar with Alinejad slammed Omar for her silence as well as her alleged treatment of the 43-year-old correspondent.

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