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Defiant Pelosi claims victory over failed impeachment hold tactic, says it exposed ‘cover up’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed Sunday she’s caving on what appears to be more and more a failed tactic of holding the two approved articles of impeachment against President Trump.

In acknowledging that she will soon send the articles to the Senate, the California Democrat defended waiting weeks to do so.

“No, no, no, we feel that it has produced a very positive result,” Pelosi said during an appearance on ABC’s This Week. “We wanted the public to see the need for witnesses.”

The positive result she referenced is reports that former National Security Adviser John Bolton is willing to testify in the Senate under subpoena — although it remains unlikely at this point that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will allow new witnesses.

Not only were Republicans growing impatient with Pelosi’s stall tactics, but members of her own caucus were also ready for things to move forward.

Senate Republicans introduced a resolution allowing for a motion to dismiss if Pelosi failed to send the articles within 25 days — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell backing the measure.

Grasping at straws, Pelosi used this to level a cover-up accusation against McConnell.

“Dismissing is a cover-up,” the speaker charged.

Trump is widely expected to be acquitted by the upper chamber, but this didn’t stop Pelosi from coming across like a petty teenager in saying nothing will ever change the fact that he was impeached by House Democrats.

“There’s nothing the Senate can do that can ever erase that,” she declared, saying later, “He will be impeached forever.

Anticipating her appearance on the show, Trump tagged ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos in a tweet, offering a question he should ask “Crazy Nancy.”

“George @GStephanopoulos, ask Crazy Nancy why she allowed Adam “Shifty” Schiff to totally make up my conversation with the Ukrainian President & read his false words to Congress and the world, as though I said it? He got caught! Ask why hearing was most unfair & biased in history?”

Avoiding the gist of Trump’s question, Pelosi responded with the ol’ rubber-and-glue counter.

“When he calls somebody crazy, he knows that he is,” said the person who is second in the presidential line of succession.

In another tweet, the president said Pelosi could very well be a witness in his Senate trial — the president is getting counsel from some precincts to fight back hard against impeachment, to include demanding new witnesses be called.

“Why did Nervous Nancy allow corrupt politician Shifty Schiff to lie before Congress? He must be a Witness, and so should she!” he tweeted.

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