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Columnist explains why it’s only okay when the left hates Jews. Complains responses ‘made her life hell’

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A columnist and author lashed out at social media users who made her life “hell” after her eyebrow-raising take on anti-Semitism.

The OneZero columnist known as Lux Alptraum unloaded on the “bunch of dumb dumbs” who reacted to her tone-deaf explanation of “the difference between right and left anti-Semitism.”

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

After claiming that “the right just straight up hates Jews,” she noted in a tweet over the weekend that the left’s hatred is more complex, pointing to “Jewish marginalization” and “participation in the ruling class.”

The writer called out her critics and the lack of “awareness” in following tweets, doubling down that her point was that ” left wing anti-Semitism is *more* about hating banks/landlords/whatever.”

But apparently the part about “landlords” seemed to be confusing as she had to offer another explanation.

She went on to call out the “audience with zero reading comprehension” and continued to blame others, and not her tweets, for the backlash.

The author of “Faking It: The Lies Women Tell about Sex” continued to unload in the anti-Semitic thread, while denouncing others for calling her out as anti-Semitic.

Somehow she declared that the “bad faith engagement” caused her to mute the conversations.

Yet she went on to attack those people who were calling out her tweets.

But the rant left more Twitter users convinced that Lux Alptraum’s word salad was just evidence of the rake she had stepped on.

Frieda Powers


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