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Bloomberg would require doctors to undergo racial bias training

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The remarkable thing about Democrats in post-Obama America is that they can find racism anywhere, even at the doctor’s office.

In a move to pander to black voters, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s healthcare proposal essentially throws doctors under the bus, requiring them to undergo racial bias training.

“Addressing the racial bias among health care providers – both implicit and explicit – by requiring doctors to have training in understanding and countering implicit bias in medical care,” Bloomberg’s campaign website declares.

Along with providing, free of charge, a public-option insurance plan, Bloomberg will tinker with affirmative action in the medical profession, as his plan includes funding “to build diversity in the health care workforce.”

In addition to reworking White House blueprints to change the Executive Mansion to his liking, Bloomberg is also focused on the maternal mortality rate in the U.S. — this man has his finger on the pulse of America’s most driving challenges.

His campaign website says the United States “is among the most dangerous places in the world in which to give birth.”

Naturally, there are statistics to back up claims of this nature, even if it flies in the face of common sense and logic.

Noting that nearly 700 women die each year in the U.S. from pregnancy or delivery complications, Bloomberg goes for a two-fer in pandering to women and minorities.

“For black women, who disproportionately lack access to affordable, quality health care, the risk of dying from pregnancy-related causes is three to four times higher than that of white women,” the website said. “Black women are also twice as likely to suffer from life-threatening pregnancy complications and face the brunt of implicit bias in medicine.”

Bloomberg touted his intention to impact maternal mortality rates online.

“As president, I’ll instate several initiatives designed to decrease disparities in maternal health outcomes across the country and reduce the disproportionately high maternal mortality rate among women of color,” he tweeted.

As might be expected, social media users were a little skeptical of Bloomberg’s plan — here’s a sampling of reactions from Twitter:

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