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Trish Regan: Pelosi, Schiff, Maxine Waters are the ones ‘doing Putin’s bidding’

(Image: Fox Business screenshot)

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Fox Business anchor Trish Regan slammed “power-hungry, divisive” Democrats who accuse President Trump of doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding when they are the ones who are guilty.

The host of “Trish Regan Primetime” ripped into Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding the articles of impeachment and not sending them to the Senate, and called them out as being “Putin’s gal” and “Putin’s man” after calling out Rep. Maxine Waters.

(Video: Fox Business)

“I know the Dems don’t care about fairness right now, that’s quite clear,” Regan said, introducing a video clip of Waters pushing her conspiracy theory about Trump and Russia while admitting “I don’t have the facts to prove it.”

“I believe, I believe, I believe. I have no facts, but I believe. If you just believe enough, Maxine Waters maybe you can make come true. But you can’t,” Regan said, also citing the California Democrat’s tweet in which he  declared that ” Trump is #PutinsPuppet.”

“Putin’s puppet?” Regan asked. “When she and her fellow Dems, with the help of the American media, have done everything they possibly can to undermine Americans’ faith in our institutions.”

“This is why you need and must have a transparent of airing of all their dirty laundry,” Regan added.

“Americans deserve more than this,” she said later, speaking with Rep. Mark Green.

“That’s ridiculous, $35 billion and two years of investigation, no Russian collusion and she just wants to make things up?” The Tennessee Republican said of Waters.

“They’re out there saying that this president is some kind of, you know, he’s Putin’s man,” Green said at one point.

“If he was Putin’s man, why have the sanctions actually increased? If he’s Putin’s man, why has lethal aid forced Putin to actually negotiate for a ceasefire with [Ukraine President Volodymyr] Zelensky?” Green asked. “He’s Putin’s man? That’s ridiculous!”

“If anything, I would argue the opposite, Regan interjected.

“I would argue Maxine Waters is Putin’s gal. So Is Nancy Pelosi. Adam Schiff, frankly, is Putin’s man,” she added.  “And they may not even know it. They’ve probably never had a conversation with him or any of his top people… but Congressman, they’re doing his bidding. Because everything that they’ve done has made us question our institutions.”

“They’ve divided or nation,” Green agreed. “They’re trying to take the country places at least I can tell you here in Tennessee we don’t want it to go.”

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